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Thanksgiving is a time for family, it’s also the time the bars are most cramped from people spending time with their families.

We give thanks every year, do we really thank our most faithful friend? Our dog. They bring so much but ask for so little in return. Love me that’s it.

I knew one thing about my life. I always wanted a dog. In elementary school, on every paper, I would write …and I really want a dog . Finally, at my second grade parent/teacher conference, the teacher just said…Please get your kid a dog. She’s weird about it.

My “weirdness” from dogs has never subsided. They make me laugh, they make me calm, I am truly at my best with my dogs.

There is a pup moving into my home.Puppy appears to be about 3 months old. She was discovered sleeping in a terra cotta flowerpot, but according to a vet is in fine health. She only wants to love and be loved. Email me at UPDATE PUPPY HAS BEEN ADOPTED!

Thank-you Bear, Penny and Charly for keeping me warm at night. Thank-you for making me laugh hard everyday. Thanks for dancing and freaking out everytime I walk through the front door. Thanks for making me feel special.

I hope one of our readers is ready to rescue and love a poor baby that was sleeping in a flowerpot. Love should never be thrown away!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful I’ve added pics of my family above!

Ladies please let me know what you’ll be giving your four-legged friends this season! Here’s a link to charites megsmakeup supports! Here’s the pup you can have part of your fam to the left !

Amanda Foundation-Save A Life Here !

Bill Foundation-Save A Life Here !

The Rescue Train-Save A Life Here !

Rover Rescue-Save A Life Here !


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