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buMeg here! There are a lot of perks to staying with your 83 year old grandmother. She makes tea and big breakfasts and gives me hugs and loves me to pieces! I’m the first (ugh and oldest!) of her many grandchildren (can you believe I have a cousin in kindergarden-scary?) She will never admit it but I am her favorite. I was here first and have had 30+ years to win her over. Don’t be a grammy playah hatah 6 yearold cousin. I totally had time to edge you and all the rest out!Kiss

Grammy is pretty limited when it comes to computer or technology ability. She emails but thats about it. To say I have been having computer issues while staying here would be an understatement! I received Gigi’s Drugstore Deal post. While I can read it on my new iphone, there is no way I can get it on See grammy’s are fabulous to have dote on you! Just don’t count on them for IT support!

It is pretty funny how the world works! I was stressing out over not having a Drugstore Deal up for you today and then I looked in the forum topics and saw a wonderful Meg Head reporting that had run a great piece on me and my drugstore picks! Seriously the BEST coincidence ever! Thanks for saving my butt! The universe works in strange ways my friends and just sometimes the lady upstairs throws you a bone!

I’ve already said in the past how much I love this site and how amazing Holly and Susan are! They always have informative articles, great give-aways and smart humor. If you’re not registered over there you should be-they also seem to have mind-reading capabilities and can save you in a pinch!

So click on over and see what I had to pick for my Drugstore Deals! I also super encourage you to become a member at! In the meantime I’m going to be over here searching for Gigi’s article!!

What did you think of my picks? Who has saved you unexpectedly? Big props to the psychic ability of!

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