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Tarte Mineral Powder Bronzer! I can’t believe the packaging. I mean, right there on the package they write “Park Avenue Princess”. They enclose their product in a super fab gold, faux croc with a faux gold chain. HOW DECADENT IS THAT! Tarte and Dianne Brill should have a package-off. They both reign supreme in this category. Oh boy, please don’t get me into packaging. You’re talking to a lady that thinks Chanel is priced reasonably for the honor of the double CC’s. The CC purse hides A LOT of flaws. Does this bronzer? Are you a golden godess with a few swipes from this palette or is the canal street knock-off better? For $28.00 are you turned into a 24 carat Park Avenue Princess?

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Tarte Mineral Powder Bronzer Park Avenue Princess

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