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jasmineI believe that makeup is an accessory, just like your favorite piece of jewelry. It should look good on you and look hood while you are putting it on. I want my beauty collection to inspire you to try a new look, experiment with color, and be unique…write your own beauty story every day.”  – Tarina Tarantino

Jasmine Simone here! As of this Wednesday, I must admit my relationship with Tarina Tarantino was not a close one: I was aware of the brand, familiar with it’s section in Sephora – even tried a product or two – but not my go-to line that I sought out when I was jonesing for a new eye-popping eyeshadow or a dazzling new accessory for the new outfit I just bought for an event. But like as said, that was Wednesday. Apparently, I was just very slow to the party! Today is Friday and I unabashedly admit I am kind of obsessed with Tarina Tarantino. I have spent the last two days repeatedly flipping through her dazzling Lookbooks, visiting her website and learning her wonderfully inspiring back story all the while tagging which products I will have to search out in the many edgy, yet high-end fashion stores that carry her products and just generally ingesting the brand itself.

jasmine3Let me start from the beginning. On Monday, Eleni informed me that she, and of course Meg, were going to be no where near L.A. County on Wednesday and if I would mind going to the event that night as their beauty insider. Would I! (Though of course, it was bittersweet as I really missed my girls there with me lol!) What I experienced was nothing short of my inner little girl’s most girliest dreams. The studio space where Tarina Tarantino’s newest beauty collection launch was held was exquisitely decorated in what I have come to understand is her very strong brand aesthetic. There was an explosion of jewels, gems, lace and bedazzled accessories in various bright, sparkly colors all illuminated by hot pink lighting to set the mood. From the makeup stations atop pearl-draped victorian antique-style vanities (reminiscent one of the first pieces of furniture I got to pick out for myself as a little girl), to the red and pink flowers gracing the smattering of tables and the running reel dubbed “The Sparkle Factory” featuring stunning models with layers of bright, technicolor make-up, it was all so exciting and a lot to take in. Yet it was all done with a sophistication and edginess that made it possible to imagine myself incorporating much of what I saw into my own style. (I’m definitely girly with some things in my life but my tomboy streak still has a very strong influence.) Sort of like Betsy Johnson meets Dior.

jasmine2Tarina Tarantino began as a jewelry designer. With an artistic streak that has been innate in her since birth, Tarina had dreams of of growing up to be a jewelry designer since the age of 3. Fast forward to the present: her dream is very much a reality and more. Now a joint endeavor with her beloved husband, Tarina offers both jewelry and makeup, a path life took her on from her days as a makeup artist. She has come a long way since selling her unique pieces straight off her back to admiring women on the streets. I must say I get the appeal. Tarina has a strong vision that really brings you into her creative mind and you can tell she is really having fun with it. As Tarina says, “In [her] world, sparkle is a state of mind.” Everything is girly, sparkly, and jeweled, even down to eye shadow cases, but she incorporates an adult vibe that makes me feel glamorous, sophisticated, and youthful at the same time. Her line now features lipsticks and shimmering eyeshadows in bright hues all colors of the rainbow, bedazzled tiaras, and products for an all-over body shimmer available on

jasmine12In the gift bag (oh how I love them!), we received a sample of the Eye Dream Hypersahdow, Sparklicity Shimmer Dust for the body, and the Pearl Glow Primer for the face.  It also included her Lookbooks, inspired creations from classic children’s stories, of the “The Sparkle Factory” and “The Wizard of Oz”, with Dorothy, Wicked Witches, and their sidekicks dressed in a bright palette of couture gem-encrusted outfits, shoes, wands and other accessories – which at once both thoroughly tickled and amazed me. (There is also one based on Alice in Wonderland called “Acid Alice” – how endearingly posh!) The shimmer dust and primer are fabulous! It especially pops on my medium-light brown skin and gives me this ethereal shimmer when the light catches it. The eyeshadow in Cord that I received, though a nice brown, does not compliment my skin tone very well. All of the Tarina Tarantino models have bright eyes and light-skin, which of course compliments them perfectly; I would have to try some of the cool-toned colors in the line to see if the makeup is suitable for brown girls like me. But believe me there are worse things – I’m sure I’ll have a blast trying!
Tell us about your favorite Tarina Tarantino product!

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