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Meg here! You know how smoking used to be so cool and glam (in like the 1940’s.) I think of all those old black and white movies and the femme fatales just holding their cigarette out for a mere second before some chap would light it for her without a thought. He’d light it in the bank or the office or even…Gasp..The hospital waitingroom!! Now when I go to sneak a smoke I am standing outside and alone.  I (rightfully-I know it’s gross) get dirty looks and disgusted stares from strangers. I also have to be sure I am atleast 15 feet from any eating establishment or else I face a fine. I know it is really bad for me and everyone around me and I will probably die a horrible death of cancer. I will quit one of these days. I’m going to give it another try once the weather starts to get colder here because I hate being cold and I hate standing outside by myself as a stationary health hazard.

I’m just wondering when the tipping point is going to hit tanning beds in the same way. I’m sure most have you have heard the new study out of London that yes-Tanning beds definitely cause cancer. While teenagers have been fantastic about not smoking they are hopping in those tanning beds like there is no tomorrow. “A new analysis of about 20 studies concludes the risk of skin cancer jumps by 75 percent when people start using tanning beds before age 30.”

That’s just fantastic news. I mean I probably racked up overtime hours all through highschool baking in those darn things so I could “look healthy” for all the spring dances. I’m starting to think I might just change the name of this site from Megsmakeup to Megscancer.

Here’s what I don’t get. Why with mystic and all of the incredible self-bronzers out there are teens still loving tanning beds? I am all about instant gratification (another one of my fine traits) and you still have to work lying in those tanning beds. There’s a lot of schlepping to appointments. If you are as fair as I am-I remember it would take me (a burn of course) and then atleast 5 or 6 sessions before I had real color going. I’m all about the “tan in 5 minutes” benefit of the spray tans and body bronzers-so what gives?

If you use tanning beds then fess up and tell me why and if this article has or hasn’t changed your veiws. No judgement here, I’m not exactly the model of healthy living. Also, young Meglings Wink what’s the deal with your friends and the tanning beds? Do you guys ever just user body sprays and bronzers? Hmmmm? Do tell!

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