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Meg here! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I am so going to play the TMI card. I need to because I need to pick the brains of the absolute genius women that read this site!

I was in NYC, it would be cold outside, I woud have a cute skirt and need to wear tights to keep my chicken legs warm. Tights are a vajayjay nightmare but it was cold out so what are you going to do? Anyway off topic, I was staying with my gorgeous friend Mariana Nolan she will not mind if I tell you her habits make mine almost look healthy. Who am I kidding, we’re peas in a pod. Anyway, she looks amazing. While not smoking 40 ciggs a day and downing Pinot like it’s going out of style her skin glows. I know, right? So she just says “Fish Oil! I take fish oil tablets. That’s really all you need!” I swear she’s onto something. I didn’t see this broad eat more then a meal the 14 days I was with her but damn if she doesn’t look healthy!

So, back to the tights. I have the worlds most sensitiv bladder and you know I felt the internal burn after day in and out of my tights. I did the cipro to get rid of any infection but I decided to visit my local vitamin shop. I stocked up on cranberry tablets, then the shop keeper told me I need good bacteria pills to fight off the bad bacteria. Then he loaded me up with some Omega something or other and told me to ignore the 1x a day on the bottle. I was fighting off infection so to keep taking them with loads of water. I dare say it has worked!

staying with Miss Nolan I have never seen so many vitamin bottles in my life. I’m hoping she’s going to read this post and chime in exactly what her regimen is. I bring you ladies the best info I can on makeup so I am hoping you’ll help me out and give me a bit of guidance to the world of supplements.
What do you take? What does it do? Have you noticed a difference? The world of GNC is as confusing to me as the world of Sephora was to some of you.

Please let me know, what should I be popping every morning besides my Lexapro?

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