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bestof2009Sweetassgal here paying homage to Meg’s list of what made her look Gala-licious by giving you my own top list of 2009 reviewed Green Chi products that really kept their place in my heart (and in my overcrowded bathroom) for the past tumultuous but still pretty terrific year.  Each is my fave to bring you the best we’ve sniffed out, rubbed on, washed off, and dabbled here and there all in the name of beauty…and of course you FAB Meghead’s who make it all worth while.

Prive Concept Vert Rejuvenating Shampoo and Conditioner – I made no secret of my love for both of these INCREDIBLE and earth friendly products.  Nearly a month later and my hair is still shiny, healthy, bouncy…and YES there is more of it!  My hair fall in the shower is noticeably diminished.  What a rejuvenating concept that is!

Lush Coalface Soap – I credit my near flawless skin this year with my Lush Coalface soap.  I use it ONLY at night (too harsh for daytime use in which I still put my beloved Juara Rice Cleanser at the TOP of the list!) when I’m feeling especially oily and gunky.  It leaves me clean, smooth, not overly dry and I swear it attacks upcoming pimples before they get a chance to rear their ugly little heads.

Organic Apoteke Detox Mask – Should a pimple get past my Lush and Juara regime I know I can always turn to this cool and soothing mask to shrivel those ugly little pimple monsters almost over night.  Just a dab on an upcoming offender, sleep over night and I wake up to an either greatly reduced or practically GONE zit.  It’s the Houdini of pimple care…now you see it…now you don’t!

Eminence Organics Rose Hip Whip Moisturize
r – Quoting Carrie from SATC when she see’s her perfect shoes in the storefront…“Hello lover!”  I am 100% in love with this whipped heaven in a jar Organic moisturizer.  The texture, the scent, the perfect balance of moisture, the illuminating results almost make me have a different kind of “O” every time I visit it.  I have tried some truly incredible moisturizers this year which are all worthy of praise but I always come back to my one true love.  Like having a little fling with sassy pair of Betsy Johnson platforms but always knowing you’ll come home to your Louboutin’s!  BTW…have you SEEN the Louboutin Barbie?  ME LIKEY!  Leave it to me to be envious of a dolls shoe wardrobe!

Kumaara Luminescent Primer – This baby is primer perfection for me!  Primes my skin beautifully, doesn’t settle into fine lines, lasts for hours and gives me a lovely “glow” that I can’t get anywhere else.  Highlighters and bronzers are a no-no for my oily and red complexion (they just make it look worse) but NOT SO with the Kumaara.  I look matte, elegant and ready to hit the red carpet should anyone see fit to take me to the Golden Globes!

EOS Lip Balm – The afore dubbed “Lippies for Lazies!” fabulousness of the EOS lip balm had me at first sight.  The tingle I crave, incredible moisturizing and way better than average staying power have me still loving this odd little orb.  So much so that I tend to keep it in my bra for immediate and instant application gratification.  This keeps it a deliciously soft and balmy 98.6 degrees but poses two small problems.  #1...Sweetassguy tends to go digging for it which FREAKS out my daughter and #2…it kind of gives me an odd “third nipple” look if I don’t bury it deep enough!  hehe…TMI!

Josie Maran Plumping Lip Gloss
– This is the first thing that ever made me think I could pull off nude lips and I’m riding that as long as I can!  First off the flavor is just too yummy, the color is GORGEOUS on anyone and the sparkle and shine without being sticky is too, too brilliant for words.  Though it’s not “Green Chi” I have to give a nod to the equally cerebral Cat’s Cosmetics Buck Naked Lip Liner.  Ladies…if you buy NO OTHER lip liner this year make this the one!  It’s the perfect partner to almost any shade and its universal beauty is matched only by Cat herself!

Sweet Spot Mist and Wipettes – I’m almost fanatical about girlie grooming and so these babies are always within reach.  I recommend the wipettes for first morning and throughout the day freshness.  The spray is perfect for the “after shower/bath” and before you jump into bed time of day.  Sends you off to dreamland fresh as a daisy and ready for any night time shenanigans you may find yourself in!
I must say that though this has been a tough year for the economy, for the job market, and especially for our dear Meg…I for one am completely appreciative of the bevy of beautiful products I’ve been able to try and for the friendships I’ve formed through this wonderfully women inspiring site.  I don’t know what I would do without you all sometimes.  Happy New Years and here’s to an even more Gaga-licious 2010!  GLAM ON!!!!!

Do any of you have the same items on your must-have lists?

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