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Sweetassgal here! bringing you some SweetSpot love this Green Chi Tuesday!
“I believe in the sweet spot … opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.”–Crash Davis (Kevin Costner) to Annie Savoy (Susan Sarandon)


I doubt anyone who has ever seen Bull Durham can forget Crash’s passionate rant to Annie to which she replied in a melting hot butter voice...”Oh my!”. I love that movie and watch it every time its on just for that scene. I think its one of the sexiest scenes ever committed to celluloid that doesn’t actually involve sex (much like when Robert Redford washes Meryl Strep’s hair in Out of Africa…yeowsa!). Annie’s character just oozes confidence and sexuality. I’m in awe of her command of seduction. If could harness even HALF of her sexual charisma AND pull off garters and an apron in broad daylight I’d be one hot mama!

I fall somewhere between Annie Savoy and Grace Adler when it comes to sexual confidence. I’d like to think I could seduce a man by tying him to a bed and reading poetry all night but history has proven my attempts would make better fodder for an episode of Will and Grace. Case in point…the night I got engaged. On a very wet and rainy weekend we rented a house with an outdoor hot tub on a hillside in Bodega Bay. Having just said “yes” to my sweetie and feeling particularly romantic we grabbed a glass of wine, stripped to our skivvies and headed outside to the hot tub. It was perched high up on a deck that was three levels up and it was still raining. Trying oh so hard to be sexy and NOT make him regret proposing to me I strutted up the stairs, wine in one hand…towel folded in the other leaving me completely naked.

I turned to negotiate the second level of stairs my feet slipped out from underneath me and I went flying backwards off the staircase and into a giant potted tree! My derriere was wedged between the pot and the tree trunk and my newly betrothed had to yank me out of it amidst hysterical laughter! Safe to say the seduction was ruined but we will NEVER forget the night we pledged our love.

So how does someone bump up their sexual confidence once you’ve survived THAT humiliation? Concentrate on what you can control…i.e. take good care of your girlie bits! SweetSpots Balancing Mist is the perfect partner for upping the confidence factor in the “down there” department. I received the Citrus Galbanum scent from Meg and was instantly taken with the light scent. The website describes it as “Lighthearted with a sexy side. Pink grapefruit and tangerine oils are naturally antibacterial and smell refreshing, not fruity. Made more mysterious with galbanum, used (and used and used) for centuries as an aphrodisiac. (thank us later). “ Freshly washed the next morning I applied the light mist to the recommended area and set about my day. Though it can be reapplied as needed (especially if you are a really active person or live in the Valley during July) I only needed the one application to stay SweetSpot fresh all day. I was a little skeptical at first because I was raised that if you use soap and water and wash daily that is all you should ever need. But the ingredients in the balancing mist consist of a blend of essential oils, aloe vera, grape seed extract, vitamins and other beneficial minerals so I think its safe to use for light external ONLY refreshment. On the down side it does contain methylparabens to combat bacteria and I’m not thrilled with that but it does feel oddly comforting to know that you have all day deodorant protection in places other than just your pits. Feel free to get closer ladies!

There are lots of tips and other great products at the website. They recommend (as do I) NOT using bubbles in your bath because it throws off your feminine ph balance and they have additional products like Spot Fresh Cleansing Wash and on-the-go wipettes that help maintain your bodies natural ph level. Their products are all about keeping you fresh and fabulous and treating your “sweet spot” with the care and respect it deserves! As they say…”You’re all your sweet spots got. Treated with love, it will help you love better in return. So embrace your womanhood and lose the talc! It’s not SweetSpot Labs approved!”. Annie Savoy would…and now armed with my SweetSpot’s Balancing Mist I can have the confidence boost to be a little less loveable romantic comedienne and a little more sexy screen siren! GLAM ON!!

What Sweetspot scent did you get? Did it make you feel more confident to be loveable? BUY IT HERE!





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