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supersmileMegken here – I don’t normally write about very controversial issues. I am sure I am going to create a few Megken-haters.  Also, I don’t normally write with bad puns, so you have been warned!!

I get a little, okay, more than a little… totally grossed out when a dog kisses me on the mouth. I know there are a few Megheads out there that let their dogs kiss them, not just on the mouth, but on their whole face to a point equivalent to going to a K9 aesthetician. I am fine with the dog licking my hand, that’s where it stops. I recall back to a tail of my 7th grade science teacher saying he would “rather kiss a dog than a human. A dog’s mouth is much cleaner than that of the bacteria and viruses filled human.” Maybe he was just trying to get us to practice abstinence because that is not true. He was kind of a strange influence on my young mind. His science room had 3 rats living an dietary experiment. One rat ate rat food, the other ate cat food and the third ate just Owen’s doughnuts. Owen was another whack-job of a teacher. I went to hippie schools where we called the teachers by their first names. He looked like a member of ZZ Top with a long beard and lived on a sailboat and wore green thongs, not the underwear kind that I know of, but the foot kind that perfectly displayed his discussing toenails. Unfortunately, some things from childhood scar us forever. Part of his duties was to sell doughnut to us during recess. Needless to say the Owen-doughnut-eating-rat was smaller than the other two and was constantly bouncing off the bars of its cage and running on the wheel to practically create sparks. They wondered why half the school had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.H.HHD)? Well, back to the dog-on-the-mouth-kisses thing and why I am glad that there is an amazing toothbrush called the Supersmile series II LAS45 to fight against any dog germs. The Megheads are fans of the company’s Supersmile Professional Whitening Toothpaste and the Supersmile Toothbrush is a good companion to that miracle of the dental whitening world. Beside you don’t want your teeth to look like Shih-Tzu.

There are so many electric toothbrushes in the dog-eat-dog marketplace but there are a few things I like about the Supersmile brush over the other sonic type of toothbrushes. It has and ergonomic design, meaning it sits well in the hand and it’s very light, but when you unleash it’s 30,000 strokes per minute you feel the uncollared cleaning power. I like that it has a timer. It pauses every 30 second to remind you to give attention to another quadrant of the mouth. Sometimes we have A.D.H.D. when it comes to our bite and we RUSH THE BRUSH!  We are all guilty, but nothing it that important where you can’t take a full 2 minutes to help your teeth last the rest of your life. It’s especially important to get the teeth in the way back. I break it up this way: back lower left, back lower right, top upper right and top upper left. There are many bad things that can result from not brushing properly like Gum Disease, the most common, except for bad breath. The hard places to get to are easier with the small head on this device and its V-shaped bristles get in there for a good clean, right in at the gum-line. The brush stops after 2 minutes so you know to keep cleaning until you got the whole mouth done. I have a bone to pick with my science teacher but it’s too late to hound him now. Through my research I fetched up that dogs are not so clean. You should wash your hands after you pet your best friend because they are possibly carrying, Hookworm, Roundworm and bronchoseptica known as kennel cough. Those loving dog kisses may also lead to strep throat. I know what you are thinking MEGKEN has such Germ-a-phobia dogma. But listen to me about brushing your teeth because my paw is a dentist. I also think his and her Supersmile brushes would make a nice gift for a bride and groom.

How many puns did I get in this? Do you let dogs kiss your mouth? What toothbrush do you love most?

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