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Meg here, hope everyone is having a great hump day! Last night I went out with a very nice man to dinner. He created the show Baywatch (red bathingsuits~sure you’ve heard of it.) Anyhow the subject got on Pamela Anderson. I told him that I sat next to Pamela Anderson for a minute at Christian Audigier’s birthday party. He asked me how I thought she looked. I mulled it over in my head for a minute or two and said “Tired?

Yes, he said that loving bad boys will do that to you. I nodded in agreement (I don’t even like bad boys~nevermind love them, but it seemed like the proper response.)

He called my bluff. He said “What bad boy rockers did you have on your wall as a teenager?”

I had to come clean. I don’t even know the names of bad boy rockers from the early nineties so I told the truth.

“None, I had Doogie Howser on my wall. He was 16 years-old and a successful Dr! Can you imagine a Junior in highschool with such job stability!”

He seemed to not believe me so pressed on if there were any others.

“Hmm, yes, I did have Balthazar Getty from Lord Of The Flies on my wall as well. He was very cute and a decent actor but it was important he had a back-up plan so as a Getty I figured we’d never go hungry. I also used to make my girlfriends fill their tanks at The Getty station instead of The Mobil thinking I was helping him out.”

I think at this point my dinner companion had decided he was with someone fit for the looney bin.

However, those tales are 100% true as any of my old friends reading this will tell you. A rockstar? My God. That meant to me instability, no savings and probably a motorcycle I woud be too afraid to get on.

As a funfact when I was about nineteen I did actually end up on a date with Balthazar Getty, even knowing what I know now about Neil Patrick Harris’s orientation, a date with the TV Doctor would have gone much more swimmingly.

Too each their own I guess, tatoo’s and strobing lights never have gotten my panties bunched up. Movie Stars, athletes, snore. Nothng is more exciting to me then hearing about the latest hostile takeover!

Being as cool and hip as this should keep me looking well-rested and young for a long time! Am I missing the boat? Is excitement worth extreme crow’s feet?

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