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Summer Soiree! A Night of Beauty With Top Tier Media & Manfolk PR!

Summer Soiree! A Night of Beauty With Top Tier Media & Manfolk PR!


Meg here! As you can see from this photo I was not alone! From left to right Dawn McCoy , Jennifer Mathews, Moi and Christina Farrell.

Top Tier Media  joined forces with the fabulous Dorothy Manfolk of Manfolk PR. An evening was had by top makeup artists, bloggers and traditional media (I snuck in through the freight elevator.)

These two companies did an amazing job at getting an L.A. flakey crowd to come out on a sweltering, summer week night. This is not easy feat. In L.A. People think they are being polite if they wait to tell you that they’re not showing up to meet you AFTER you get to the restaurant but BEFORE you valet your car.

That’s the type of mindset that you just deal with here. It’s a trade off. Sunny days for shady manners.

Before I delve more into becoming “Miss Manners” or should I type #MissManners (#everything #you #do #you #now #need #Hashtags) that’s what’s going on with those signs we are holding. Apparently, I not only need to get back to my blog but also to learn Pinterest and Instagram and YouTube. I’m going to try to do a weekly YouTube on here #GODHELPUS.


Everyone commented how lovely everyone looked and enjoyed the party. I want to tell Jen and Dorothy that everyone made the drive in LA traffic (the event started at 6pm) because they’re just really nice people. I wanted to tell them everyone was there even though it was 95 degrees out because everyone really cared about them. I wanted to tell them it was about empowering and support and love. I mean, I was there for that reason. That and because if I were a “no show” Jen would never talk to me again. The majority of the people came out in droves and they came out for two little words that can get most grown women to do anything…GIFT BAGS.

Yes, while the rest of the world stopped getting gift bags at the age of 6, women in Los Angeles feel almost insulted if they go somewhere and are not handed a bag full of something when they leave. 

Jen and Dorothy are veterens and they know the best way to get a great audience is the old fashioned way-bribery. You know these aren’t going to be schlocky bags when these ladies work with great clients! I was very happy to get my Gift Bag, my sciatica and back was not. They were chock full and while brimming to the top with all sorts of goodies. Here were my top picks! Jen was gracious enough to be my hand model as I am in deep need of a mani.

Onsen –Onsen Skincare is getting a bunch of buzz, especially their facial peels. This summer I’ve been an oil slick and I have been in dire need of a good exfoliator. I’m excited to give this a try and I’ll let you know what I think. I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat but humor me.

100% pure -I did not need any introduction to this company. Everything I’ve tried from them is fantastic! I especially adore the body washes and if you have children, this kid line is also wonderful. Really great products and really good for you too. I can’t say enough great things about the brand.

Dermorganic – Already a fan of this Argan based hair care line. Their leave-in conditioner is heavenly! I have yet to use a product from them that I didn’t love. I did not know that they had branched into skincare. I was pleasantly surprised to find both a toner and a moisture renewal in my bag. Will let you know how those fare!

Chella I also have used a Chella item in the past and was very happy with their eyelash heater. Worked greart and really curled up the peepers. I am excited to try their brow products as I have been resembling Joan Crawford (my hero) as of late. While she was an excellent parent, her eyebrows were a bit sparse so I looking forward to try to emulate more Brooke Shields this time around.

Thursday Friday-If you don’t have an extra $5,000 laying around for a Chanel bag, you can still have one-sort of. These tote bags and clutches mimic the highest designers and trends at prices that wont leave you homeless. Really cute and practical. Check them out! Great for the beach. Have the most stylish blanket ensemble on the sand!

Thanks for a great Summer Soiree! What do you ladies think about this “Gift Bag” deal? Does it go on where you live?







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