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ST. IVES APRICOT SCRUB!!! Meg’s Make-Up IS THE #1 HIGH-END, obscure, specialized, exclusive and yes, “snotty” review site. We love caviar extracts, champagne ingredients, notes from the rarest tuberose. We do bend the rules for under-the-radar-products. This product is not flashy and not under-the-radar. For once, nostalgia wins!
I always remember the ST. Ives JAR in the shower. Yup, back then it was a big ole’ pot of scrub. It had a screw off tangerine cap and I use to scoop my hand in there. At the age of nine I would get a handful of grainy goop and slather it on. I wasn’t able to spell exfoliater but used it anyway. Did everyone’s mother have this jar? I think so.
The potion in the lotion was rough and abrasive. It was great for scaling off dead cells, then again, so is sandpaper.
The fantastic PR Gal for St. Ives said that we MUST try the new, improved, sensitive skin friendly TUBE (Pot has been retired-Bye, bye tangerine lid). It’s around $3.00 and has been refined to an easy to disburse, squirt tube. The technology has come along way and it WILL rid your skin of dead cells. Since I am all for new and improved I had to find out if it really was. Here’s what the site claims..
“St. Ives® Gentle Apricot Scrub is specially designed for the needs of sensitive skin. It has a creamy formula with mild exfoliants to clean deep into pores and remove dull surface cells, yet is gentle enough for even sensitive skin. The result is soft, smooth, radiant skin.

• Dermatologist tested
• Non-drying
• Won’t clog pores
• Hypo-allergenic
• 100% natural exfoliants
• Moistureguard™ to replenish and retain
• Vitamin-rich Apricot extract
• Swiss glacial water
• Nourishing Swiss botanicals”

Ladies were you able to make your contemporary skin beautiful on a classic remedy? Please post your findings…

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