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I hope you all missed me on your “trip” to South Coast Plaza last week! So I’m back, better than ever, and bringing you the most important Spring makeup trends for 2008! I decided to look into it because 1) I’m a fashion-a-holic. 2) I had so much fun researching the post when I did the same for the Fall last autumn! So here goes!

Eyes: There wasn’t an eye to be found on the Spring ’08 runways that didn’t have a subtle golden highlight on the inside corner of the eyes.You’d be surprised how much it really brightens up the eye area and makes your eyes pop. A couple really useful tools come to mind when trying this trick: Benefit Gilded pencil is a fat pencil with the perfect tangerine-gold (not too yellow!) and is great in the eye corners, on the brow or cheek bones. Also the Cargo Eye Bronzer can be used in the corners, along the lash line, or even as a shadow if you want. That girl with the red lips, a Bottega Veneta model, has really got the look right!

Second big trend: Pencils out. Liquid liners in. I promise you they really aren’t that scary once you practice a bit! Plus you can’t beet the super-defined, sleek look that liquid liner gives you…and doesn’t run the risk of smudging in the least! The best trick is not not even bother to attempt to make one smooth line all the way across your eye. Do it in small dashes and “connect the dots”. Make sure to pull your lid flat with one hand so you’re not trying to hit a moving target! Urban Decay makes excellent, ergonomic liquid liners in a myriad of colors. Vincent Longo has ….black and brown I think, but the brush is super fine so its much more goof proof. If you really don’t like liners – a gel works great too: Laura Mercier, Stila Smudge Pots, whatever you fancy!

Lips: If you didn’t believe me that lipstick was back last fall, I hope you will this spring. Think flower petals. Think creamy. Think opaque. No brooding mournful colors here. Lancome has that designer lipstick series, limited edition called Pixel pink. See if you can find it. I’ll pay anyone to get me a tube. It’s gorgeous – you may have seen our good friend 38goingon19 ogling it on her blog Mythbusterbeauty! It’s caused me severe envy. If you can’t manage to get your paws on it: I’ve come up with a few alternatives for ultra-hip lips this spring: Vincent Longo’s SPF 20 Wet Pearl lipstick in Cherry Lane (candy pink); Make Up For Ever Lipsticks in either Fluorescent Blue Pink 202 or Orange Rust 217. Dior Rouge Lipsticks in VIP Pink 365. Smashbox Lipstick in Sweet (Creamy Pink) or Beautiful (Creamy Peach). I could go on and on. Lipstick is a wonderful thing. To make sure your lipstick isn’t flakey or bleed-y or nasty. Make sure lips are exfoliated before hand (Your Sara Happ lip scrub or the Sugar Frxtion exfoliator/balm combo). Take a cue for the pink-lipped Valentino model in the pics.

Face: Bronze is back girls. But not like you got sunburned, or spilled a whole bottle of tanner on your face. You just want a kiss of sun. The Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder comes in two shades (Blondes, and Brunettes) and It really is one of my Favorite Bronzers I’ve ever used. That or the Fresh Here Comes the Sun Palette. A little bronze goes a long way! Try even just using it as a blush and nowhere else – its a remarkable sophisticated look.

Is spring in the air or what?

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