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Marilyn Tycer


Vocation: Special Education Staff Assistant

What’s in your purse?: Half a dozen lip glosses (I break into cold sweats if I don’t have one on me!), L’Occitane Gardener’s Hand Healer lotion, Band-Aid blister block, hand sanitizer

Guilty pleasure (of any kind): “Girly” TV shows (Gossip Girl, Drop Dead Diva, etc.), or a good happy hour!
Skin color, type and any special skin concerns: Light/Medium Beige (around NC30 in MAC). My skin is some weird state of transition since I just finished Accutane–it used to be oily and severely acne prone; now it’s very dry and sensitive.

Beauty inspiration (person, website, etc.):
What Not to Wear! I love that show because while it may seem superficial at first, you begin to realize how clothing and makeup and a good haircut are more than frivolous things—they’re ways to reflect yourself as a person, and can really make you feel good about yourself. My other inspiration is Meg’s Makeup, because it’s about being beautiful inside and out.

Top 3 skincare products:

1. Aquaphor. I use it on my severely dry and chapped lips, and anywhere else that needs some TLC.
2. Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Remover. A good makeup remover will help your skin a lot. I thoroughly soak one cotton ball for each eye, and press for 30 seconds. This eliminates the amount of rubbing you have to do.
3. A good cleanser or two! I need two–one to remove sunscreen and makeup (Clinique foaming cleanser), and a second one to rehydrate my skin and remove any leftovers from the first cleanser (Cetaphil).

  Top 3 makeup products: Even though I wrote this question, I really really hate picking just three.
1. Gel/cream liner (especially MAC Fluid liners or Stila Smudgepots–any color is fabulous). These have changed my life. They stay on my waterline, stay on my lower lash line, and come in a variety of interesting colors. Best eyeliner I’ve ever used.
2. Clinique Brow Shapers brow powder in Charcoaled. My brows are a little over tweezed, so a little brow powder is necessary for them to look just perfect.
3. Clinique Full Potential Plump and Shine lip gloss. It’s sticky, but has just the right amount of color and shimmer, and lasts for a long time on my lips!

 Top 3 tools of the trade:
1. Eyelash comb. It can salvage almost any mascara.
2. Tweezers and small scissors. Cannot live without them, because I am a little neurotic about having perfectly groomed brows.
3. Sally Hansen InstaDri top coat. Before I found this, my at-home and professional manicures usually ended up looking like a 5 year old did my nails. Now, my nails are dry to the touch within a minute or two! InstaDri top coat also adds a lot of shine.

 Best beauty secret/tip: At night, wash your face twice with a gentle cleanser, especially if you use primer or sunscreen. This really gets EVERYTHING off your skin without being too harsh.

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:
1.The new Barbie loves Stila smudgepot in Purple Pumps.
2. The perfect opaque pale nude lipstick/gloss that is moisturizing.
3. The perfect foundation and foundation primer that hav SPF and hides my pores and doesn’t break me out (probably will have to be dimethicone free also).

Thanks very much Marilyn!! Those are some great picks and it I am sure there are a lot of ladies with a similar list!-Meg

Anyone else have the same picks?

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