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Hello there, ladies! Meg here, I do want to apologize for being off track! The good news? I have a new laptop! I don’t have to throw myself out a window in desperation anymore! I’ll be running all the great stuff that was missed this following week. I was losing my mind all stressed out. I decided to just lose it completely so I headed to Vegas baby, Vegas. This past weekend. I have now had my full of party party so back to make-up and all things beauty! I hope you had a wild weekend as well!”

I know there has always been the “build a better mousetrap” theory. I know the original mousetrap seems a bit cruel, but if I were a mouse, I would want to just go fast. Just chop my head off 1-2-3 and it’ll be over and I’ll go to cheese heaven or wherever. The thought of the sticky paper route is far more of a torture to me, in my little mouse head. I don’t want my legs to stick to paper while I will try to escape with no avail.

What is there to do? Sometimes we don’t need to re-invent the wheel. This brings me to Spinlash Mascara, a spinning wand applies the mascara (included) to remove clumps so you don’t have to use a eyelash comb.

Spinlash says “Perfect Lashes Every Time! The First Mascara That Lines, Coats & Curls All At The Same Time! Twice The Volume Half the Time! No More Clumps! Gently Rotates 360° Big Sexy Eyes.”

I tried it and it was alright the first time, I really didn’t find the spinner saved me all that much time and the mascara provided did not compare to my favorite Tarte Lights Camera Lashes. I think they spent all the budget on the spinning wand and then just threw some low-end product in there. The second time I got a bit smarter, I used the spinning lash wand into my higher quality mascara and it worked much better. However, it was a pain to keep switching applicators and I didn’t notice anything miraculous. In fact, it felt a bit gimmicky and I ended up spending more time. The price is $14 bucks and my higher-end mascara is $20. It’s not worth it to me but maybe I’m in the minority here.

When I think of a real time-saver I want to be like Judy Jetson and get into that little clear tube and push a button and be dressed, have my hair done and my make-up perfectly applied. I know Spinlash doesn’t claim to be anything like that but it makes me feel more Wilma Flintstone then Judy Jetson.

Chime in ladies if you’ve tried Spinlash and think it is worthy of a space age family?

Check out the Spinlash Video Here! Sale!


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