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Katie here, I am so mad at myself for promising you all renewed accountability at the beginning of the month and then just falling RIGHT off the bandwagon again the next week! But seriously, after weddings and holiday activities it’s pretty much settled down now. At least Christmas doesn’t fall on a Saturday this year or I would seriously need some help! But mostly, I just want to recap my favorite discoveries of the year – to remind you all to get to trying!

Back in July, I reviewed the Dior Hydraction Eye Cream – and it is still going strong as a daily staple in my makeup wardrobe! SPF 20! Powerful hydrators! And I love the Hyrdraction Tinted Moisturizers too! Check them out ASAP!

July really was a good month for me: thanks to the lovely Jennifer at Clinique – I discovered the wonder of, Clinique All-About-Eyes concealer. I think it probably could cover tattoos if you wanted it too. It’s that powerful.

I get a little sad re-reading my Au Revoir Bourjois post. Mostly because I just felt so helpless as my college days had really disappeared out of my rearview. And I still really miss my beloved Bourjois – a tried-and-true makeup line with some great products. Go re-read from August 2 and if you feel so inclined you can pick up the products at that other mass market cosmetic retailer…

Korres Color – since I first reported to you abou the introduction of Korres color I have become even more deeply enraptured. Natural products. Great Quality. Pretty and Functional Packaging. What more could you ask for?

And finally Tarte EmpasEYES eyeliner pencils. Tightlines for dummies – I think they’re amazing!! It makes sleek black eye-liner easy for anyone. No raccoon tails necessary.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the fabulous MegsMakeup (dysfunctional) family members.

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