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Hello girls, this is Solero ready to create the last stroke of envy by telling you all about how our weekend ended at The Spa at South Coast Plaza .

I wish that instead of writing about it you could just have been there to see our faces as we crossed each other in The Spa’s hallways. We were all wearing our awesome piquet robes and had that giddy smile on our face, the kind of smile that can only be created by too much alcohol, too much chocolate or a professional massage.

From the moment we arrived there we were stoked by the kindness of the personnel. They made us feel like home – if your home has 10 different kinds of tea, baskets of fresh fruit, jacuzzis and saunas that is.

The space is exceptional, very big but still cozy, the jacuzzi has natural light coming in, the alpine sauna is huge and clean (yes, clean, for a lot of places that is not given!), the eucalyptus steam room is the best thing that can happen to your respiratory system and the vanity area has everything you might need in order to feel ready to face the outside world before you leave the Spa heaven. Hair dryers, hair straighteners, hair curlers and hair products. Body creams and nice smelling soaps. Huge mirrors and fluffy towels. This extremely luxurious spa even has a salt water pool with a sun deck that unfortunately we didn’ get the chance to try because we have all forgotten to bring our swim suits along. Since being naked was our only bet, we soaked for hours in the jacuzzi after being done with the “you go first”, “no you!”, “no, I’m fat, you first!” dialogues. Funny thing is that none of us is actually fat, it’s just that Megan has a model body and you can understand the complications such a thing can bring. We got over it by removing the cucumber slices from our eyes and eating them, celebrating the beginning of our new healthy lifestyle.

One of the things I loved the most about The Spa is its showers. They have four different flavors! I first tried out the Citrus Shower that had Citrus smelling shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I loved it so much that every smell was so matching that right after I was done with citrus, I hopped into the Mango shower and washed my hair allover again.

When the time for my Aromatherapy Salt Glow treatment came I had run into the girls that were just done with their un-wrinkle firming facials and by the look (and glow) on their faces, I knew I was in for a great experience. How can one describe the perfect spa treatment? I could tell you how nice and private the room was, with dim lights and relaxing music, how good the products they used were (my skin was soft for days!), or how professional the girl that massaged me was by asking me about the temperature of the room, the water and the oils, but at the same time letting me relax and being really focused on the massage.

I could have stayed in The Spa for days. Lounging on the huge couches, reading magazines and trying different kinds of tea. Whenever I’d get bored I would wear my robe and do some exercise apparel shopping and then I’d have my nails done at their Nail Salon. Then I’d hop back into the jacuzzi before my massage and suddenly three days would have passed without me knowing how.

If you live close, you absolutely have to go – it’s one of the best treats you can give yourself.If you live far, you still have to go, just plan ahead and combine it with a SCP shopping excursion.

Can you think of a better Valentine’s day present?

The Spa at South Coast Plaza

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