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Jeanasina here! Alright Sisters get out your spa bathrobes and wrap yourself up all snuggly and tight because it’s Jeanasina here and tonight’s chat time is going to be about a product from Spa Sister! I’m going for the spa theme here while we talk. I’m wrapped up in my favorite white mega-fluffy robe to set the mood, I have a lovely glass of crystal clear water in a tasteful blue decanter on my left and on my right is an 8 ounce container of Spa Sister Milk Body Butter! Body Beautiful time is about to commence!

You know how you always read the warning label on a product before you use it, well to be safe, we’ll read along with the description on the label to find out what is in store for us…here we go…”Spa Sister is ultra thick and creamy, loaded with skin loving ingredients of milk proteins, shea butter, olive and avocado oils – it deeply moisturizes for wonderfully soft skin.” The instructions say “Generously slather onto skin after bathing and as often as needed. For adult use only. Discontinue use should irritation occur.” Alright, we are now armed with valuable information, lets get started!

I don’t have time for a soak in the tub, so let’s see how this stuff performs after a sponge bath! That’s right ladies..when’s the last time you had a nice spiffy sponge bath using a wash rag you dunk in and out of the sink or some cheap plastic basin? Where’s my male candy striper when I need him?

Alright, with dampened skin, I opened the jar, removed the silver protection cover and…wait for it….the consistency is like it has been whipped for an hour in pure air – it’s light as a feather and looks like egg whites whipped for a dreamy banana cream pie…or maybe a lemon meringue pie…I hope I don’t accidentally try to eat this stuff – thinking about marshmallow cream now – I have to put down the spoon…somebody take away the spoon!
Remembering that this is a spa theme not a kitchen cooking show, I will tell you that when you reach in to get some of this silky consistency to put on your skin you will love how cool it feels and then as you glide it over your skin, let me just say…It’s FABULOUS! I’d like to experience this milk body butter on every square inch of my body! Maybe there’s somebody on Craig’sList who would come over here and do that for me. You know when you go to get a massage and they first put their hands on you with the lotion and begin to knead the place where their hands are and at that exact moment out of your mouth comes the sound of “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that is SO good!” Well ladies, this Spa Sister Milk Body Butter – is THAT good! It’s so fantastic I can’t help but smile as I apply it! What a total treat!

Have I mentioned the scent yet? WELL IT‘S WORKIN‘ FOR ME!! I can’t fully describe it – it reminds me of some memory from long ago – it’s such a soft scent – not baby powder but an innocent scent. My nose has gone back for re-smells about 25 times during the time I am writing this. I feel so feminine! But it might be strong for some of you!

Also…its very VERY moisturizing, in fact the areas where I put it still feel moist and I’ve had it on for at least an hour now! The scent might be overpowering if you were to put it on your entire body but at the same time – you’d sure feel nurtured if you did! In typing this I can see some of the moisture is adhering to the keyboard so…you’d probably put this on more when you are going to hunker down for the night and wakeup soft in the morning. We’ll see how my skin feels upon arising! I know my sheets are going to smell divine after I climb into bed with Spa Sister Milk Body Butter on!
The Spa Sister has a Body Therapy collection with four fragrance groups to choose from, Milk Therapy replenishes, Lavender melts away fatigue and renews the senses, Sugar Therapy sweetens skin with nourishing ingredients and Soy sooths and moisturizes. I can say with complete confidence that right now, right this minute, after indulging in Spa Sister Milk Body Butter…I FEEL REALLY GOOD! Definitely replenishes!!! The cost is around $10.00. As Heidi Klum says on Project Runway…”You’re either in or your out!” Spa Sister Milk Body Butter is definitely IN!

If Spa Sister left you feeling good too, talk about it now and share the exhilaration with your spa sisters!


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