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Meg here! Have you ever had a “wish list?” I mean it’s a “wish list” so you don’t ever expect it to be fufilled. The people that have their “wish list” fufilled usually can’t deal with the amazing results so they end up in rehab (no judgement, in fact, how the heck do people NOT self medicate. I mean really.)

I have had a couple of water tumbler glasses of wine and need to not only give a “Shout out” but also introduce a new member of family to our Meg Head bunch!

You all know Prudence. Well, right now she is drinking tequila straight from the bottle and planning how to piss on my head. She’s not in a good mood. The Queen has been getting a bit big for her britches and while I love Pru more than anything in the entire world. She needed to be reminded that she was, MY DOG And that I was not hers (I’m bad with delegating.)

 How could I make Prudence better?

At the same time, the battle of Prudence was taking over as lead supremacy leader of the house (she had a good run.) We needed a new roommate. Nick moved in.

I didn’t know Nick at all. He moved in, I had to go to New York (as I do.)

God bless him. I’m not easy to “know” nevermind live with (true, you would never have to pay for another beauty product for the rest of your life.) I come with some perks.

I’m on these email lists of “dogs at the shelter about to be killed.” They call it “Eauthanized.” Whatever you want to call it. It’s meaning is “death.” I’m remembering David Sedaris who got the call about his cat. He pictured Chinese children hiding under desks when the vet called and said “have you thought about youth in Asia?’

The pounds of LA are the worst in the country. Once a dog is turned in they have 5 DAYS TO FIND A HOME or THEY ARE KILLED. I have breast implants and weigh 115 pounds, I was a Ford Model. I can’t get a date in 5 days. This seems unfair.

I see the listing that my future dog is on the chopping block. This is the conversation…

Meg: (I’ve probably had a taste of wine)  RESCUE MISSION! RESCUE “CHOPPER!”

Nick : Shrugs shoulders. O.K. We’ll get him.

We go to sleep. Separately by the way. I call the shelter. They wont even do a “hold.” It’s a race against time to save Chopper.

End of story? We saved him and he’s fantastic. End of story? Nick came with me, drove and he’s amazing. Even though we got lost a bunch on the way to Harbor Shelter.

WHAT IS YOUR POINT MEG? It’s just this, we all need saving. Everyone of us. Sometimes the very best thing we can do to help ourselves is help someone or something else.

WHO IS NICK? He’s my new roommate that write’s “Manly Mondays.” (he’s hysterical.) Most importantly, he’s good and kind and will wake up early to drive 3 hours to help you save a dog. He’s a wonderful person and now we have “Chopper!”

Who is Chopper? We don’t know much about me. Someone probably hurt me at some point. I get scared. I’m very, very good. I like to drive Prudence nuts. Just happy to be alive!

The Amanda Foundation  is who I donate to. They have L.A.’s premiere spay and neuter vans.

The very end of story? Sometimes life shows up and the puzzle pieces come together and work. Without you having to be the puzzle expert. Things will just naturally fit. Tonight, I’m going to bed and I’m going to bed content. I have two new great friends. They’re loyal, kind, smart and funny. And only one of them can read this.

What do you think of my new rescue “Chopper?”


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