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Meg here! I do it all the time! Maybe I’ll want to change tops after trying to get the “perfect outfit” together…I’ll put the deodorant on last most of the time. Sometimes I forget though, and there’s nothing more annoying then catching those white streaks down the side of my shirt.

I use to try to keep baby wipes in my bathroom, on hand for times like these. If the shirt was made of anything besides cotton then I’d have a moist spot where my streaks were. Great. Now I don’t have deodorant marks but I am left looking like I have some freak perspiration issue.

I don’t have a baby in my house and now I don’t have the wipes either! I have a big girl product specifically made for getting rid of those deodorant mishaps..The Smudge-Sponge to the rescue!

I like how these also work great on getting mineral makeup off my t-shirts, because, yeah. I am a little clumsy. There’s a bunch in a pack so you can put one in your desk, car, powder room and be confidently streak-free!

ShopGoGirl is all about beauty on the run! Convenient items that you know you’ve thought about. The type of stuff that you’ve said “Why doesn’t someone just invent an easy”… Its a cute site with save-the-day type products that should be in every stylists bag.

My tops are now streak free! If someone could just come up with a coffee-dribbler eraser I’d look near damn perfect! :0Seriously, it’s the same dribble stain, in the same spot on all my t-shirts! I’m glad these Sponge-Sponges have let me get rid of the baby wipes. Now I have room to go out and buy a bib!Buy Smudge-Sponge Here!

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