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Smashbox Totally Fab Lip Gloss Collection

Smashbox Totally Fab Lip Gloss Collection

The ultra-glam Nina from Smashbox sent us some of their own wonderful, sleek cases full of houndstooth stylish lipglosses. Before we get to that I just want to share a little story.

Anyhow, this is amazing to me.We were having a political discussion and I CALLED THE WHITEHOUSE I called the most powerful house in the world!They asked where I was from, I replied that I was from Megsmakeup. The operator understood the urgency from a call from Megsmakeup. She told me not to worry, she would page the Press Deputy to call me back.

The press deputy called me back. He called me back with-in TEN MINUTES! He was a joy, he was laughing with us on our “discussion”, and he added some little tidbits. So there you go, have a question and they will ring you back!

Back to Smashbox, how fabulous is this lip gloss palette? Wow! Once I’m finished with this product I’ll have the most lux cigg case ever! I couldn’t believe my luck when I opened up this case. Beautiful glosses in gorgeous shades that look so inviting to try. I can’t wait to drop this handy case in my purse for an easy to locate gloss haven. No more searching around for loose products. Everytime I need a pen I pull out a gloss or lipliner. With this case never again. Do the colors work or is it all just show? Here’s what Smashbox claims..“This sleek James Bond style metal cigarette case holds 4 full sized lip glosses in new lusciously sheer and super shiny shades with stunning houndstooth print caps. Slip one in your pocket or bring them all for quick touch-ups day or night. It’s as slick as it gets. Shades include: rose, champagne, pale pink, sheer cranberry, all shimmer”.

Ladies please post if the case is as good as the product or if I need to call the Oval Office to recall.

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Smashbox Totally Fab Lip Gloss Collection

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