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This girdle thingy I ordered off of an “infomercial” finally arrived yesterday afternoon.. It’s called the “Slim & Lift Supreme.” It’s advertised to basically suck and tuck all those unsightly bumps, lumps and humps that you don’t want the world to know about. Of course, I am totally excited. So, I went to try the sucker on – but realized it was too small for me (or I wasn’t strong enough to yank it up!!) Look at the picture to get an idea of what I am actually trying to put on!

The material is soft, flexible and overall quality of the garment seems very well put together, but I had to wonder – could their sizes be running way too small? You can only imagine what a sight it was when I got this thing up to my mid-thighs and got stuck. Totally naked with about 5 inches of fat hanging over the edge of this thing – from all 4 corners of the world.

I can’t get it on and (trust me) I am now determined. Paul (my Hubby) offers to help. Feeling totally embarrassed (not to mention bloated more than usual this month). Paul stands behind me sweet as can be (as always) and says in a stern voice, “Ok honey, on the count of three, suck it in and I will pull it up for you. “Oh, my goodness – I was laughing hysterically out of humiliation and embarrassment – when (all of a sudden) – with ALL his might, my man – yanks this freaking “death trap” over my body with one sturdy grunt and a few hearty tugs!

But, keep in mind – the thing was so tight that he ACTUALLY LIFTED MY ENTIRE body about a foot OFF THE GROUND ! There I was in “suspended animation” – in what looked to be a “Masochistic Straight Jacket” with my “Hoo hoo hanging out the lil’ pee pee hole conveniently slit in this undergarment from Hell. I wanted to disappear as Paul continued to bounce my fluffy body into these “spandex vice grips” My laughter became so intense as my legs dangled aimlessly and I tried to catch my balance with my award winning mimic of “Rolling up windows”.

I just had to review this product – even if it was a serious joke to consider recommending it to any of Meg’s Members, it was too priceless not to mention.

I was hoping to achieve the Sex curves of Betty Page. Unfortunately, I looked more like Ugly Betty.

I do, however, recommend the book “How Not To Look Fat”! Has anyone else loved this?

Ladies, have any of you found luck with any of the “slimmers” on the market today? How about Spanx? Let us know!

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