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Skin Effects Purifying Effects Enzyme Scrub!

Skin Effects Purifying Effects Enzyme Scrub!

The wonderful PR reps for DR. Jeffrey Dover’s Skin Effects sent us out “Purifying Effects” Deep-Cleaning Enzyme Scrub for All Skin Types. I have never seen so many Doctors on a daily basis in my entire life and I have broken some serious bones in my day. Lately, I am terminal. I see Dr. Brandt, Dr. Hauschka and now every morning, Dr. Dover. Thought you wanted to marry a Doctor for the financial stability and benefits? No dear. That is so 1980’s, now you want to marry a Doctor with the hopes he has an affinity for face cream. I blame Clinique, you know, sounds like “clinic” sounds like “doctor” dress your salespeople in white lab coats and you (you meaning me, and maybe you) think their on to some new, secret “cure”. Ahh, the trickery.

Is an MD background now the only tool that will sell you a potion for your face? Is this smart or just marketing mumbo-jumbo?
This Skin Effects Scrub promises”..healthy, younger-looking, more beautiful skin”.

Ladies please post if your doctor made a shower house-call or if we should be suing for malpractice…

But it now!
Skin Effects Purifying Effects Enzyme Scrub

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