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I’m starting to have that mid-summer lull. Maybe its because it RAINED 20 out of 30 days in June. And 2 of 6 so far in July. I haven’t even gotten a chance to sit out in the sun (with SPF 30 on, obvi) to get a little color! Its boring. I think I have that disorder when rainy weather causes you to be depressed. I always have these grand intentions of going home and cleaning out my drawers to make a big trash/salvation army purge. But it start to rain at 4pm after being overcast all day and so when I go home from work I’m too tired and depressed to do anything but work my way through my seasons of Friends and ER on DVD and watch all my Tivo’d episodes of What Not to Wear (Its a shame that Clinton is probably gay…he’s so CUH-UTE!)

All the above relating to the fact that I couldn’t think of anything brilliant or inspiring to write about this week…so it’s going to just be some random product recommendations of some of my favorites. I thought maybe that that might be a little disappointing to y’all but its my post and so I can if I want to. Ha. (Unless Meg doesn’t like it, then she probably wouldn’t post it and block my emails and have HOM delete my account on the site…so Meg, have I told you that you look FABULOUS today?..Yep!) To the races:

First, I made an awesome discovery this week. I was really desperate…I had Mt. Everest actually sprouting out of my chin. It was probably one of the biggest, most deep zit of my life. My Murad Acne Spot treatment wasn’t doing anything except maybe making it bigger. My Boscia Willowbark treatment cleared up all the smaller ones I had going on elsewhere on my face…but nothing could shake this little (big) bugger! So well, I walk by Benefit. Boo Boo Zap is beaming up at me. I had never tried it before. I always sort of thought that if they had to have a superhero comic strip character to gimmick up their anti-acne products then it must be a bunch of crap. I was SO wrong. By the end of that day and 2-3 applications of BooBoo Zap, Mt. Everest was down to about the size of Pike’s Peak. After the next day, it has returned to sea-level and has flaked off nicely. I am in LOVE!

Two, I have pretty normal skin. I get really dry and flaky in the winter and I get kind of slick in the T-zone during the summer. BUT, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I have Cosmedicine Medi-Matte. IT is an SPF 20 Daily Moisturizer that keeps you matte and shine-free ALL-day. All you do is get about a dime-size in your palm, spread it between both hands and PRESS it into your skin (don’t rub…its sort of rubbery and it pulls) you have to press it all over your face and it will soak up all the existing oil and keep it at bay. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself. Go into Sephora, get a Decleor essential oil or a Caudalie concentrate and spread it all over your hand. They’re pure oil. Then press Medi-matte onto your hand and see if you don’t feel as dry and oil-less as Death Valley!

Next, A little recipe for success (NOT a lip-gloss recipe): Cleanse and tone your face. Then do Decleor’s Aroma Purete Clay Mask. leave it on for a while…30 mins or so. Then Rinse it off (and all your blackheads are gone). Finish with DermaDoctor’s Picture Porefect Serum which closes your pores and keeps them from oxidizing (which is why blackheads are black). Welcome to flawless skin. Keep applying the Picture Porefect 2x a day to keep blackheads at away!

Lastly, here’s a hot tip! Sephora is coming out with an all new brush line in the fall to replace all of our black-handled brush line. SO, this means that all of the old brushes are ON SALE!!!!! They are all marked down between 30 and 60% Snatch them up while they’re still here. They’re all great quality brushes with hairs that are braided and glued in the ferule. They say that the new black brush line will be even nicer than this one but still a step down from the Silver professional line….and I think the black brushes are pretty darn nice….hurry girls!!!

Have a fabulous week!

Ladies, what’s your best trick for getting red of a blemish-NO squeezing allowed!?!

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