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It’s Fabulous Fridays! Where Desertdoll brings you dream items worth the splurge…

Welcome to Serum 101. Don’t worry, it’s a crash course. And you won’t be tested. But you should pay attention. I’m a real serum junkie. Something pricey that’s applied by an eye dropper? Expensive and scientific?! Forget it, I’m all over it. But serums can tend to confuse even the most educated product connoisseur. Do you need it? If you use it, do you need moisturizer too? And why ARE they so much more expensive than other skin care items?

Get out your pencils, here are the basics I’ve complied. Serums are water-based liquids. This means 2 things. They are light. And because they contain no emollients, there is nothing to slow down the ingredients as they absorb into your skin. They also tend to have more concentrated ingredients than their creamy counterparts. So they are a quicker, more potent way to give your skin what it needs.

A few things to note. Since most serums contain no to little hydrating ingredients, you’ll probably want to use a moisturizer too. But always apply the serum first, otherwise it will have difficulty penetrating your skin through the emollient barrier. On that same note, don’t try to skip a step and mix your serum and moisturizer together, you’ll be counteracting the serum’s absorption super powers.

Also, if your serum’s active ingredients are mostly antioxidants (like grape seed, vitamins C or E) apply it in the morning so that it can help fight daily free radical damage (sun, pollution-all that bad stuff). If your serum’s packed with wrinkle fighters (retinol, hydroxy acid, peptides ) use it at night when skin is at rest and these ingredients can really go to town.

Now some teachers might ease you into the baby end of the serum pool. Introduce you to a lightweight serum to warm you up. Maybe with a smaller percentage of active ingredients so it’s a bit less expensive. Not me, not on Fabulous Friday! We’re jumping straight into the deep end with our floaties off for the mother of all serums, Själ Serum 1. This like the Dom Pérignon of the serum world. And believe me, it is worth every penny.

Själ is the mother-daughter team of Karen & Kristin Petrovich. They’ve used a holistic approach to produce a scientifically advanced skin care line combining over 50 active ingredients. With minimalist and futuristic looking packaging they have simplified the skin care routine by concentrating on 3 items: serum, moisturizer (2 kinds) and eye cream. First up is their serum, and I will be bringing you their equally amazing moisturizer within the next few weeks.

Here’s what they have to say about their serum “A revolutionary serum designed to re-construct, re-build and revive the skin from every angle. It uses 3 key mechanisms to create a structural lift, which is then supported by “reinforcement” ingredients. These super wrinkle fighters address wrinkles immediately as well as long term. Serum 1 is revolutionary in that it contains no fillers and no emulsifiers. It is completely active, incredibly hydrating and nutritious for the skin”.

Right there, you can see that this a cut way above the rest. In addition to often not present hydrating ingredients, this is packed with ingredients that are not only tried and true, but exotic and totally cutting edge. From Algae, one of the items that provides the structural lift they speak of, to Grape Seed to increase elasticity, to Amethyst and Tourmaline that provide energy and balance-every ingredient in this serum does something powerful for your skin. Lifting, firming, smoothing, calming-you name it. This kind of perfection doesn’t come cheap. But honestly, for these kind of results, I feel like I owe them more!

I’ll tell you more about the benefits I’ve personally noticed in my review. Until then, ladies, tell me about what you don’t mind spending the big bucks for. And if Själ is one of them-tell the world!

Själ Serum 1 – Buy it Here!

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