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demi1Meg here! So we have some lively debates in West Hollywood. They usually consist of some random tale that I drop in with and drive by my roomie Cindy. Her boyfriend Carl is usually here and so we do get the male opinion on things. Basically because I get all “Carl, seriously, what do you think?” And the poor guy has no choice but to engage.

When I was 18 and living in N.Y.C. I was in the fashion industry. I was a model and all of my girlfriends were photographers, make up artists or stylists. I was making my own money and going to really nice places and hanging out with all girls that were 10 years older then me. That’s when I met Paul.

I really liked Paul and we dated and I knew he was older. He was 40 and he was very cool and very nice and I never brought age up. He didn’t either. I now know because he thought because of my situation that I was around 25. I used to tell stories of “being at school” and Paul would laugh. He would laugh because he thought the “being at school” stories were about my years at college. They weren’t. They were about my years at high school. I remember he looked at me horrified after he had pieced a story together and said “Wait. Did you say last year? How old are you?” I replied that I was eighteen and then he choked on his wine and looked shocked. Guess what? He kept dating me.

That’s not really a shocker right. I mean, morally he tried in his head (I’m sure) to figure out a way out but there was no need to. We just got along. It probably boosted his male ego in some way but I know he is a stand-up guy so it also was a bit uncomfortable for him. We never brought the age difference up again. Now that I am older, 20 years doesn’t seem like such a big gap but, quite honestly, it didn’t seem to be one to me back then. We just had our groove and went with it.

I’ve never been an age person. If I like you I like you. If we “get each other” then age is really the last thing I’m going to care about. This is a boldfaced lie. If you are more then 5 years younger it’s not happening.

Cindy: No, I think 10 years. The biggest gap was when I was 20 and he was 30. (She is now 30)
Carl: No, I would date younger, I wouldn’t date much older (he’s 28) Maybe like a couple years older then Cindy but then that’s it.
Meg: Whatever Carl. I didn’t want to date you anyway.

I have clearly jumped the decade gap from even an early age. I would date guys 20+ years older all the time. It was interesting when I married someone two years younger but see? I think I’m open.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher- 15 year age difference. Madonna and Jesus a whopping 28 years apart. These gaps rise eyebrows but men have done it for centuries and you know, what’s good for the geese?

Just to put it in perspective (and I know we have a lot of young Meg Heads…) Mom will tell you if you don’t know how hot Harrison Ford is. Yup, he came up over dinner when I piped up “You’d totally have sex with Harrison Ford, if you say you wouldn’t you’re lying!” Harrison Ford is 68 years old ladies. His live-in love Calista Flockhart is 46. That my friend is a 22 year old age difference but somehow we never hear about it. However, most people could tell you Demi is 15 years older then Ashton.

True, Demi doesn’t look like many 48 year old women. I know she has surgery and has a cook and blah blah. Still though, she’s no dummy so she must have known the scrutiny she would be under. What about Susan Sarandon? This woman is 64 years old, smoking hot AND dating a 31 year old guy that she left Tim Robbins for. That’s the cherry on top! She went with 32 years her junior. Go Susan. Not bashing the older guys but isn’t it refreshing to see women play the same game?

I know I’m totally liberal on this subject. My girlfriends make gagging noises when I say “I don’t care, 70? Is he cool?” By the same token I had an amazing date in New York City (funny how we repeat the past) and this fabulous guy who I will be friends with forever totally wined and dined me. He made me laugh, he runs his own company, he’s wildly successful and….He’s 23. Much like Paul. I was in the dark. Unlike Paul I just can’t do 23. I guess I am part of the societal problem. I’m O.K. with going older but my God, my vanity totally comes into play and if I ever heard “why did he bring his mother?” I’d totally off myself. I’m no Demi Moore!

I’m wondering where you ladies are? Demi said she prefer’s the term “puma” to “cougar”

Fess up and tell the truth! How old is too old? What’s the biggest gap you’d be willing to try? Are these women empowering themselves dating these young guys or do they just look silly? Why is it OK for Men and not Women? Dying to hear your thoughts!!

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