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Meg here! I need to get a few things off my saline enhanced chest. First of all, is a warm place. We are full of the smarted women in THE UNIVERSE! Read the love, the wisdom, the humour and the advice and support. We love makeup and things that make us feel pretty! You know what makes me feel the prettiest? LOVE Love does it every time. It’s amazing how I can see an absolutely gorgeous woman turn into an evil hag before my eyes just on the way she’s spoken to a waitress.

Here’s what we’re about… Do you hate your gloss? Do you want to hear our thoughts on a new one? Are you having a bad day? Do you want to share? We’re willing to bet someone else in our family is having a bad day and lets make each other feel better! Are you feeling a little lonely? Your hair will not work, your kids are screaming, your stressed out and you need a laugh? Find it here!

Those are the absolute fundamentals of Megsmakeup. If we wanted you to feel guilty we’d have you call your parents! We support you! As long as your coming from a “good place” notice I didn’t say “sane place” even though that’s O.K. We support you. We all have our moments of meltdown and I’m so proud to say we really Don’t Judge-We’re women, we’ve been there!

Beautiful is how I feel when I pull my car to the side of the road to pick up a lost animal, read the collar and take it to its distraught owner. Gorgeous I am when I help an elderly person load the groceries into their car. Stunning I feel when I can wipe a tear from a friends eye and look them straight in the face and say “I will help make this better”

That’s what this site is really about. There’s enough challenge and pain in the world, why perpetrate it? Why not be here for each other? We support each other from all over the world, how comforting is that?

I bring this up because, for whatever reason, there is a real dark cloud trying to rain on our universe. I guess it happens. They’re out there.

I just want everyone to know that I strive to make this site better your life, you always have support here. I can say, we truly care. These are amazing, beautiful and wise woman and they enrich my soul daily.

That’s it, I probably went on too long but I want you ALL TO KNOW This is a place for you. It’s not judgemental, it’s not harsh, we welcome and treasure every thought and comment. Behind those thoughts and comments is a loving, kind woman just doing what she knows to be best and we have no higher respect then that!

To the people trying to bring us down, go ahead, light always wins. Love is the greatest power!

I want to hear from the lurkers! Are you safe or have the hate mongers scared you off? To my Megs family, you inspire me everyday! What would you tell our shy lurkers?

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