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The always sparkling and glistening reps from Dr. Pia Lieb sent Meg’s Make-Up some of her Sexy Smile to try.

This lip gloss has amazing claims, it can gloss your lips, whiten your teeth and get rid of bad breath. Does it also cure cancer?

Dr. Pia Lieb is one of those uber-educated, fancy-dance Manhattan Dentists that has a celebrity following, is written up in INSTYLE and is pretty famous for creating some of today’s hottest smiles.

Dr. Lieb sent us Sexy Smile, a dual long lasting lip gloss that has a teeth whitener on the other end. Not only are the glosses long-wearing but they are able to give you fresh breath. Dr. Lieb even made sure that the gloss had a blue-base (instead of a yellow one) to keep your teeth looking white.

O.K. This is a true story, I swear. The pictures are in my modeling book from my other, younger life. I did an ad campaign for a very high-profile dentist in NYC. His tagline was “SMILES ARE ROMANTIC”, he hired me, paid for a photo shoot and ran me in his national campaign. The kicker? He chose a photo of me where I was not smiling. My mother got the biggest kick out of that and wanted to send my ad into Jay Leno.

I’ll never understand that, It’s like choosing a 300 lb. woman as your model and having your campaign be…”Skinny is Fabulous”! Then I got mad. Was I the 300 lbs. woman? Was he trying to say “Smiles are Romantic…unlike this stern ice queen-see photo”. Like, “Oh, Boy! Don’t look like this ruffian…Smiles are Romantic”! Had I inadvertently signed up to be the “before” shot?

I was paid well, I guess (like Paula Abdul says) Any Publicity is Good Publicity! However, this ad was printed everywhere and I still don’t get it. I may have 3 more glasses of wine and call him to find out what he was talking about.

I digress, here is some of the buzz on the Sexy Smile gloss…“Created by New York cosmetic dentist Dr. Pia Lieb, it’s a not-so-secret weapon in her fight to keep her pearlies white. On one side of the double ended tube is a fast acting tooth whitener. All you need to do is swab your teeth with the applicator and voila (!) the stains are gone (and her breath is fresh too). On the other end, a lip gloss”!

Ladies please post if Sexy Smile made you ready for any media campaign or if you were the before shot.

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