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sex2Meg here! Am I a Carrie? I am so Carrie. Oh My God! I’m Samantha, I’m totally Samantha! I’m Samantha but then I’m also very Charlotte. Yes, but then again I am sometimes such a Miranda. I mean, really, I am sarcastic like Miranda. I like guys and sex so I’m Samantha and I believe in true love so I’m Charlotte but I ask all the right deep inner questions so I’m Carrie. Oh, I’m comparing myself to four women from an HBO series. Let me rename myself, I’m a total Dork.

If I ever am in a restaurant and next to a group of slightly tipsy women who yell a bit too loudly “We are so Sex And The City” again. It will be too soon.

I need to explain. I love Sex and The City. I never watched it on television. I watched it on DVD’s. I watched it seasons at a time and I loved and laughed with those women. I could relate to so many episodes but even more then Carrie’s self-obsessed musings, I was obsessed with the 5th main character of the show. I was obsessed with the fashion. I actually think if they acknowledged the 5th character and named her “Fashion” we would all still watch.

Is Sex and The City 2 still relevant? I’m asking this as someone that does buy designer bags, drank cosmo’s before the show made them popular and yes, has no hang-up’s about discussing last nights love affair with her girlfriends. It just seems like it was a different time when Carrie and company were stomping around Manhattan in their $700 heels. It seems almost vulgar whining over having lost your $700 shoes at a baby shower. Have you seen the unemployment numbers? Who the hell is still buying $700 heels?

We are making money, we are hot, we are having great sex and shopping in the most exclusive shops and we are…Unhappy? That premise seems laughable right now. The sheer materialism and consumerism that propelled me to watch the show seems insensitive and ridiculous. Is insensitive and ridiculous the point? Is Sex and The City 2 the female answer to Transformers 3? Is it really just escapism dressed in Patricia Fields?

I’m going to see the movie, I don’t give a rats ass if Carrie ends up with Big. I don’t care if Samantha is having threesomes with Saudis, if Miranda loosens up or if Charlotte cheats on Harry. I care what their hair is looking like when they say “girlfriends forever!” I will wonder what shoes Carrie wears, what bag Samantha carries and if Charlotte will ever break that stuffy Hampton’s garb. Poor Miranda, I used to think she had pissed off a producer on the show with the lackluster hair styles they used to stick her with.

I’m not giving more credit to the movie then that it is going to be a fashion magazine spread come to life. I am going to be very New York City right now when I quote Miss New York herself, a women I know can still buy $700 shoes, Ivanka Trump said “Sex and The City was a 2 and a half hour infomercial. So disappointing. I left early.

There is something to be said for leaving the party early, there’s a certain class when you just end it on top of your game. How many more sequels are we going to be doing? Can’t we remember the fabulous four at their height? Do we really want “Sex and The City 9 Wild on Retirement Men in Boca Raton!”

What do you ladies think? Are you going for the story or the shoes? Are you obsessed or over it? And seriously, now we have to be total dorks-Are you Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte?

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