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Meg here, o.k. as you can see from my picture I love Sephora. I mean, c’mon who doesn’t love Sephora? Husbands/boyfriends may not but I’m pretty positive Mastercard and Visa say a “thank-you” every billing statement. Oh yeah, I also run a makeup site and we also do every Saturday at Sephora with the fabulous Katie. She is an insider that breaks the popular and greatest Sephora finds. She’s also probably going to want to throttle me after reading this post (LOVE YOU KATIE.)

Anyhow, you know when something gets on my nerves I’m really great about ignoring it.HA! Katies post from 2 Saturdays “Au Revoir Bourjois” bummed me out. Basically she wrote that Bourjois is a great line but Sephora has outgrown it so they are phasing it out, good news? Everything 30% off.

Back in the early (or rather) my early Sephora days, I loved how I could always find new, underground and awesome smaller boutique brands. Too Faced, The Balm, Scott Barnes, Bourjois~Stuff I couldn’t find at either the Drugstore or at Bloomies cosmetic floor.

By having the fortunate experience of I’ve gotten to love even more undergrounder’s Cat Cosmetics, Liptini and Diane Brill are a few finds I treasure. Here’s my beef, is it me or is Sephora starting to phase out so many little guys they’re slowing starting to resemble my department store cosmetic floor more and more?

I’m wondering if to find these undiscovered gems it’s going to be the comeback of the beauty supply store? I guess it was bound to happen, as with any growing company, it’s going to look to streamline and make sku’s, inventory and major brands a priority since they’re brigging in the big bucks.

Maybe I’m being a little bit harsh but I’m not “oohing” and “aahing” with new discoveries as much as I used to. Also, what’s going to happen to these great makeup companies if they don’t have the name “Dior”? Who is going to showcase them?

Is it just me or are you makeup mavens noticing this as well?


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