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Katie here!

Hello Ladies,

Firstly, I want to sincerely apologize for my absence, absence, and tardiness the last couple weeks. Working. School. Working. Maybe a one hour nap here and there and I’m just finally getting caught up. So, please accept my peace offering with a special edition of SUNDAY at Sephora review!

We all know that retail therapy really works. Especially if you’re a bargain shopper at heart. Like a killer $200 cocktail dress that you score for $30 dollars. Or that beautiful silk scarf that you want so bad but you just cant allow yourself to spend $70 for it. So you leave. And coming back to the store six weeks later your scarf is still there! And fine, you’ll pay the $70 this time – it was meant to be. But wait, its only $14.99 now! The beams of heaven have shown down on you! And then there’s the days you’re just plain blue. So blue and no extra cash to burn. So if this is the case, your most recesionista splurge should always be a good bottle of nail polish! A new bottle of toe paint never fails to cheer me up on a dreary day. And FINALLY, Sephora has an answer to that too!

Sephora by OPI nail colors come in amazing, durable shades. Over 50 to choose from! They last well, have great pigment and come in the trendiest of trendy colors! Some of my favorites are Never Enough Shoes (black with multi-color glitter), Run With It! (shimmering dove gray), I’m with brad (Shimmering wine over dark coffee), and Meet for Drinks (shimmering magenta plum). And at $9, you could buy a few if you’re in the dough.

Hey, just be cause the dow is down doesn’t mean we should look un-manicured!

Anyone tried these new babies? What OPI color rocks your boat?


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