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How many times have you paid for (or done youreslf) the perfect manicure. Then when you go to retrieve your keys, itch your ears, answer the phone…you ruin it. Even though you put your nails infront of the fan or blew on them for 10 minutes. How about the great yellow-ish color you acheive after you remove your red or bright nail color. God it’s nasty looking.
Seviche claims to get rid of the yellow and seal your color expertly. No streaks, no smudges and no discolor!!
Here’s what the site claims..”Dry fast top coat (US Pat No 5,130,125) Acknowledged as the world’s finest top coat. Its patented formula allows it to penetrate to the base coat, forming a single, solid bond for a much more durable manicure which will not discolor or yellow. Helps quickly dry nails in minutes.
UPDATE: Spoke to the reps of Seche Vite and this Top Coat is ONLY meant to be used as a TOP COAT! Adheres to and dries quickly on colored nails! A first color whether on acrylics or natural nails is key for it’s magic to work.
Seche Vite is the first single procedure dry fast, non-yellowing top coat ever and is still the number one selling top in the professional industry after fourteen years and ten consecutive InStyle magazine “Best Beauty Buys” awards 1996-2005″.

Ladies does this lacquer deliver? Please post! I’ll be nail-biting in nervous response!!!

$ Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat $

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