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Seche Vite Base Coat!

Seche Vite Base Coat!

The PR extraordinaire’s from Seche Vite send us their most fabulous base coat! I’m creative and all that jazz but there is no way I can make a base coat sound interesting. It either works or it doesn’t. Move on.

I get my talons polished at Lisa Nail on La Cienega. It’s either Beverly Hills or L.A. I’m not sure, it’s on that border area. It’s not fancy. However, when I go, I always see someone famous. I’ve sat beside Britney Spears (pre-crazy baby-momma) and all the young starlet’s and a bunch of the golden oldies in there. Placed smack next to a blockbuster video and a boba juice shop it does not cry out RODEO DRIVE, but hey, they get the job done and fast.

So, I’m in there sitting next to Jewel (poet, songstress, whatever), and next to her this loud, dark-haired lady that definitely chose not to dress to impress anyone that day.
I, unfortunately, am in-between Jewel and the loud brunette. The loud brunette keeps insisting on having a conversation with Jewel right over me like I’m not there. I wanted to move so they could sit together because her cackling is really starting to annoy me.

I love Lisa of Lisa Nail. I do. That’s why I know she’ll forgive me when I say her English is not the best. I mean, there’s not even an “s” to make it Lisa’s Nails. It’s Lisa Nail, she’ll do all 10 of them but no need to pluralize.

Back to my story. Lisa is filing my nails and says “that Jewel, she famous” and points to Jewel. Then (and seriously, I am reading an US Weekly with a picture of Mariah Carey in short-short jean shorts and an ill-fitting tube top). Lisa says, “Mariah Carey, stylist” and points to, what I think, is a picture of my US Weekly. I say ” Oh my God, that is disgusting. She looks so low-rent. What a trashy ho. As if she has a stylist..ew..”
Lisa, as it turns out, is not pointing at my US Weekly but at the loud brunette to the left of me. Her name is Jessica Pastor. Otherwise known as Jessica Pastor celebrity stylist to the A list. Otherwise known as Mariah Carey’s stylist.
If looks could kill I would be so past rigor mortis at this point. Lisa then says “no, she Mariah stylist” (thanks Lisa) and points to loud brunette

O.K. now my day at the nail salon has turned into Fear Factor. Jewel may look all delicate and boho on screen but in reality, she really looks like a snaggle-tooth ruffian that did grow up fighting black bears in Alaska and now I’m on her bad side. She lived in a van. I think that puts hair on your chest. There is nothing dainty about Jessica Pastor.
Now, I have made this huge faux pas. Do I stand behind my statements? Do I say, “umm you suck at your job”? Of course not! I had no back-up! I said, (this is so pitiful but it was the best I could come up with on the spot)
“Oh my God! Mariah Carey has a stylist? I had no idea!! She looks so approachable! So real! GREAT JOB”!!

Yes, the rest of my manicure was delivered in silence. However, I thought that was much better then some tough blond, living in a van, knocking my teeth out.

Back to the base coat, Seche Vite claims to be. “The first truly non-yellowing base coat for nail polish. After ten years of development Seche Clear was created to provide a clear base coat for nail polish that does not yellow and adheres to the natural nail. Use along with Seche Vite as the final top coat for a manicure that lasts and lasts”.
Ladies please post if this base is good enough for me to avoid personal injury and just do an at home manicure!

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