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ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh! I watch TLC’s What not to Wear pretty much religiously. I really honest-to-god wish that Stacy and Clinton could be my friends and that we could hang out and go out on the town together every weekend. They are so wise! And I never cease to be amazed at how their resident makeup artist – the oh-so-fabulous Carmindy can take even those women that you are seriously doubting have ever even seen a pair of tweezer in their life and turn them into complete knockouts! Well, I wasn’t satisfied with just that, so I went and asked the woman herself. This Saturday, kate2004rock’s Saturdays at Sephora (TGIS – I like to call it!) presents to you: Carmindy!

Name and Hometown: Carmindy from Huntington Beach, California

I initially started doing: Makeup at 15 years old

But the path I took towards makeup artistry was when/because: I fell in love with making women feel good about themselves.

I want all women to know about themselves: Everyone is beautiful! If we all looked the same there would be no such thing as beauty. Everyone has at least 1 feature that is beautiful.

My favorite dessert is: Ice Cream

When I see a woman make this mistake, I cringe: Dark lipliner

I would die without this product: Creme De La Mer

Without this product, I’d have to start drinking at noon: My new foundation that’s available in drugstores in January ’08.

What color(s) of eye shadow are you wearing right now? Champagne shimmer.

Right now, I can’t get enough of this: Blinc Kiss Me Mascara

Who doesn’t like Double D’s? Drugstore Deals! What are your favorites? Q-Tips, Sally Hansen Airbrush Makeup, Posh by Upstage Non-Latex Sponges, Cetephyll

What are your go-to products when you do makeup (i.e. what do you use all the time on What Not to Wear or when you work photo shoots but we can’t see the labels?) Body and Soul brushes, Sally Hansen or Era spray foundation, Mac blot powder in medium, Benefit Eyebright and Makeup Forever Brow Correctors.

If you had to live on a desert island, what three items would you take? My husband, sunscreen and lip gloss.

We here at, often speak of our ‘sickness.’ Symptoms may include: owning a lipstick or shadow formula in every shade available’ receiving a order in the morning and spending more than $50 in an actual Sephora store the same day; being disappointed because the Sephora Beauty Insider gifts don’t change fast enough; actually owning a year’s supply of mascara, lipstick, shampoo etc. without having won any sort of sweepstakes. Carmindy, do you have this sickness? How do you know? Lip gloss! In my bag every day is at least 5-8 of them and I can’t possibly wear them all each day! I own about 1,000 of them!

At a bar, I’d order this: White wine

True or False – I would tell you if you had spinach in your teeth? TRUE then I would suggest a better lip color for you.

Thank-you Carmindy! You’re a beauty genius and your advice is treasured. Thank-you, Kate. This was a fantastic score! Want to find out how to look more fabulous with more of Carmindy’s brilliant tips? She’s made it easy for us mere mortals. Check out her book. “THE 5 MINUTE FACE”

Any other Carmindy obsessed fans?


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