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This is a Public Service Announcement: I am writing this because I want to warn all my DD readers about a very scary disease that I just contracted. It affects 1 out of 4 girls. There is NO CURE: I have been infected with the Christmas Spirit!!!!! Beware, it could happen to you too. Here are some symptoms to look out for;
1. Incessant Christmas music playing. If you NEVER get sick of Madonna’s version of “Santa Baby”, have yourself checked for The Spirit
2. The frequent urge to go to the ridiculously crowded mall and stalk shoppers for their parking spot.
3. Dressing your dog/cat/hamster in reindeer horns.
4. Over spending can result in Finger cramps from signing your name on credit card receipts and typing CC numbers on your key board.
5. Manic merriness.
6. Sleeplessness caused by overindulgence of sugary Christmas cookies (also midnight cookie baking sessions).
7. Nog induced headaches.
8. Canapé caused weight gain
9. Also, Christmas spirit often follows a bout of “Bah Humbug”

Now you know the warning signs. If you go to you can find a support group in your area to help you cope. In the mean time, while I was out on one of my shopping searches for the perfect pine garland I finally gave in a tried one of The Runway Eyes Compacts from Milani. I have been eyeing them FOREVER and finally gave in and I am SO glad that I did! I bought the silver palate. It looks amazing with my brown eyes and totally feeds into my current mood of totally and utter festivity! Why, you might ask, does an eye shadow make me feel more festive? Well for a few reasons. First, the ranges of metallic silvers are the perfect compliment for my little black dresses I’ve been sporting at all these holiday parties. The lightest silver in the corner of my eyes makes them light up like my silver and white adorned x-mas tree. The consistency of the shadows is smooth and rich, exactly the same way I like my egg nog! The darkest shade makes a great liner. And you are getting six different shades for less then $7! I AM A FESTIVE CHRISTMAS FAIRY, SPARKING LIKE THE TREE AT ROCKAFELLER CENTER!!! (on now I’m heading off to my support group. I clearly have a problem.

Any other festive Milani fans out there?

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