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Every Thursday Rachael Robbins brings you the best of her DD’s.

It has been brought to my attention that there are a few core details about my life that seem to surface in all my posts. They are:
1. I have big boobs
2. I am an F List actress
3. My life consists of red carpets and celeb parties
4. I shop at CVS

Hm, which of these facts is not like the others? Answer: 4. The thing is, even though I have always had big boobs, my life was not always shooting movies and partying like a rock star. I had the obligatory “struggling years” where I worked as a cocktail waitress and scrambled to pay my rent. I never lost sight of the pie in the sky! I still wanted to look great, but had to figure out how to translate the latest fads and high priced beauty regiments into my cocktail waitress budget. And this is when I fine tuned my knowledge of Drug Store Deals, which is precisely why I feel that I am qualified to bring Thursday’s DD’s to Meg’s make-up readers!

So this week I am bring you another fabulous drug store deal AND a few more details about my life! Rimmel Underground Light Beam After Dark Lip Gloss in “After Hours”. This ADORABLE tube of lip gloss is great for re-glossing your lips while ripping it up at a dance club without waiting in the 30 minute line for the bathroom because it actually has a built in light on the wand that shines on your lips and lets you get the gloss in just the right places! And to ensure this, it had a mirror attached to the tube of gloss! It all you need for nighttime glossing! I love it in “After Hours” a dusty rosey color. It’s sheer, but has enough color to give your lips that rosy, bitten look. Add it over Wet n Wild’s 666 lip pencil and you are good to go! It comes in 6 colors and retails for around $11.50. I was impressed with it’s staying power, and my lips felt smooth and conditioned.

Now for more very important Rachael facts:
1. I love throwing themed parties at my house
2. My bedroom is painted Tiffany Blue and it took me 14 tries before I got it right.
3. I’m crazy about staying in hotels but fear bed bugs
4. I am an avid bargain hunter
5. I get my acrylic nails done in the ghetto
6. Feel bad for lobsters but can’t stop eating them
7. My favorite animals are: Tree Sloths, horses, penguins, and monkeys.
8. I had a horrible habit of breaking up with guys who then went on to become superstars
9. I wish my secret talent was being able to do those stripper pole tricks

Any Rimmel fans out there? It’s fab with a friendly price !

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