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I Love Myspace. Love it! What a phenomenon this super cyber society is! I used to scoff at it, thinking that is was just for teenagers and internet pervs. My skin crawled when I heard people talk about it’s cute little nicknames “MyCrack” “CrackSpace”. Then one day someone actually asked me if I had a myspace page. “No” I sneered, as I threw up in my mouth a little. As if!! Then more people started asking me if I had a page. THEN I got tons of inquiries from all types of people, not just teenagers and internet pervs! AND THEN I heard from a certain quasi celeb friend of mine that her manager told her to put up a myspace page, that it was a great way of helping her promote herself and reach her fans. Well, that was the final straw so I bit the bullet and built a page. Yes, MyCrack is indeed an appropriate moniker. I became consumed with it. Had Myspace fights on it! Put people on my very important “top friends”, took them off if they pissed me off. “Lurked” around checking out ex’s and my competition. Picked new songs! Changed background colors! Added slide shows! And the worse part: checked it 10 times a day! (OK 20, but that was in my dark days of myspace, my “blue period” if you will!)

I have since regained my life with the help of M.A. (Myspace Anonymous). Now I’m able to maintain my page with only a few sign ins a day. Looking back at my 2 year myspace history the coolest part is that I have had a ton of people find me. Some were cool, some were scary, some resulted in cyber restraining orders! The best was just recently: an old friend of mine that I met in ’93, and lost contact 10 years ago, found me on myspace and my life has been seriously enriched since we started talking again. We picked up right where we left off a decade ago! I didn’t realize how much I missed him until he showed up at my myspace door!

In an effort to keep the universe balance, I took out my reserve box-o-lipsticks and revisited an old friend. Revlon Colorstay Lipstick in Satin Rosewood. I am so glad we found each other again! My lipstick life had been so enriched! My nude lipsticks that look so good on my perfect, tanned summer complexion were falling short on my tired, dry, pale winter skin. But my lips have been perked up with this awesome long wearing lipstick. This stuff really stays on! But unlike other long wearing lipsticks that are thick and dry, this one is actually really creamy and slick! It almost looks like I put a layer of gloss over the top. And the color is that pinky, rosey, with a tiny touch of dusty-ness that wakes up my pale face and makes my teeth look whiter.

So, if lipstick had myspace pages, I would put Revlon Colorstay in Satin Rosewood in my top friends!

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