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chimneysweepMeg here! Spring has sprung! That was a total joke. I’m on the East Coast and right now it is alternating between super horrendous and complete Hell. The snow falls, I freeze. The freezing rain washes away the snow and now I’m both freezing and soaking wet! Perhaps the houses of fashion knew we would need to be sturdy. Let me tell you ladies. For this spring, on the nails-PINK AND SOFT COLORS ARE DEAD!

Dead, done and over-put a fork in it honey-this romantic look has been cooked! You know what? Change is good and redefining rules are healthy and I’m actually very ready to open my talons to a new statement. Barely there beige and ballet slipper pink have been my spring go-to’s for too long and I want to shake stuff up! Being an insider at Bryant Park I got to examine every aspect of every model strutting down the catwalk to define what is “in for spring” there wasn’t a pink hue in the house!

It was like pink was the color for spring for so long, those wispy barely there colors that we seek out is SO OVER SISTER! I want you to be armed with this insider information-if you’re doing a light baby color YOU ARE OUT OF STYLE FOR SPRING!

Each model in each show sported deep greys, dark beiges and taupe reigned queen!Trust me here, I will not steer you wrong. No one was doing anything meekly! The light pinks are so out of fashion and the French Manicure is completely dead!

I have done my research and right now I am wearing the very hot OPI Color You Don’t Know Jacques! Chanel showed an almost twin color down their runway. I am guessing a lot of you don’t do your own nails and don’t want to shell $20 out for theirs. Most mani-pedi places do hold OPI so I want you to be so ahead of the curve and request this color. If you do your own mani’s then I sent the Amazon link where you can get this for around $6.

I was wearing Essie Chincilly and loving it when I was backstage in the Mercedes Benz Lounges and hobnobbing with the fashion elite. I especially loved it because sometimes I am a bit clairvoyent and picked the color on a hunch. The editors I spoke to recognized the shade right away and said to me “Oh, you get it. It’s all about the cement color for spring.”

The coolest kids (the ladies in the roped off section) the ones with the $12,000 handbags and the limited edition Choos were wearing Chimney Sweep Nail Lacquer from the fancy posh house of Butter. I knew our supporter B-Glowing has some Butter in stock and I quickly dialed them to make sure that they would have this available for when this post came out. It’s fancy. It’s super hot. It’s in. If that’s you then get a bottle right now to bring to your mani-pedi lady because this is what the new “spring” is about.

I don’t know what the feeling or inspiration is. I can only guess. My guess is that these are tough times and let’s face it, they’re not at all innocent. There is nothing magical in a pure pearl pink lightened by the afternoon glow. I mean really, I have such a backlash feeling towards these prissy shades I want to puke.

Sexy is not a school girl uniform. Sexy is not pink and polka dots. Tough is sexy. Strong is sexy. Black lace is sexier then pink cotton. Strong, bold, don’t mess with me mister is hot!! Topped of with a red lip you’re the owner of the universe.

I can’t afford the $15,000 gown I saw down the catwalk at Dior. I can afford the deep dark nails I saw. Retire your pink! Spring is about a no nonsense hear me roar.

I look at my nails and while I may “not know Jaques” I do know Jaques would want to know me..That and that I have him on my fingertips!

What do you think about this loud, bold movement in nails for fall? No more prissy! It’s all about STRONG!

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