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Renee Rouleau extravaganza – Doll’s house!

Renee Rouleau extravaganza – Doll’s house!

Desertdoll brings you some of the best items under the roof with Doll’s house…

Some people just get it right. You know the kind of people I’m talking about, Cate Blanchett’s fashion sense, Jo Malone’s fragrances, Iron Chef Morimoto’s sushi rolls. Know what I mean, when someone just knows their stuff? I’m proud to bring to you Renee Rouleau skin care, made by a woman who knows her stuff!

From the moment you log on to her easy to navigate and full of information website, you feel like you’re about to make a difference in your skin. Advice, articles, and the entirely brilliant system that determines 9 different skin types. Yep, 9! Forget normal, oily and dry, Renee teams these up with characteristics like sensitive, clogged pores, breakouts, sun damaged, anti-aging etc. How genius is that? You really get to hit all your concerns at once. Best of all? There’s a link right below your skin type that brings you to a page that lists all the products recommended for you, including instructions on how and when to use them. This is the most thourough and easy to use skin classification system I’ve ever used.

The overall feeling you get from browsing around the site is that she is not only extremely knowledgable, she really cares about what she does. She’s not just selling products, she’s sharing advice because she wants you to feel and look good. Her advice section is a wealth of information. I was particularly drawn to a list of 11 tips for people concerned with wrinkles AND breakouts (for example-change your pillowcase every night) and a section of seasonal skin tips (did you know in the winter instead of increasing your moisturizing you should increase your exfoliation?)

I think they sum up their company views best: “We combine the best of nature and the best of science to give you healthy, glowing skin, without being harsh and irritating. We know skin. We’re not just sales people, but licensed estheticians who work with the skin every day in our skin care salon and truly understand its function. We’re honest, smart, funny, hardworking women. We believe you are, too.” Maybe cause it’s the holidays and I’m all sentimental but that really makes me feel good!

So when the glowing Meredith sent us an extravaganza of products to try, I was very happy at the chance to see what kind of product all this know-how created. I wasn’t disappointed.

How about it Ladies? Let us know which item you received and your thoughts. Are you with me with thinking Renee Rouleau really knows her stuff?

Renee Rouleau – Buy it Here!

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