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marilyn1Meg here! Eleni, Jasmine and Miss Ruthann (AKA Goddess Granny)We all descended onto the base at Fort Carson. Remember I told you back about a month ago that we were going to be throwing a party for the women in the military? Well, we were so honored because we were able to.

The people at the army base were wonderful. The wives were gorgeous and we had a ton of fun. I can’t thank the ladies that came with me enough! I know I can’t even begin to thank the soldiers wives that came out for our event enough for their huge sacrifices.

I hope you’ll keep these soldiers and their families in your hearts everyday but please say an extra special prayer for them today. Below is an article that reporter Flavia Colgan wrote about our event and I would like to share it with you.

Patriotic Pampering
Flavia Colgan

It started as a basic gown swap on base, an event where women would bring a gently used gown and trade it for another one. A way to be elegantly, yet inexpensively dressed for the upcoming Army ball. On May 19th Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Co ended up getting some heavy duty glamour for 1,000 women of the military. Nationally known beauty expert Megan O’Brien’s company was not afraid to turn a gown swap into a night of extravagant pampering and beauty.

A month before the event Megan O’Brien met up with the base’s DFMWR, Nica Anderson . It was over coffee that Anderson told her how much she thought the ladies would love an event like this. Megan O’Brien has extensive makeup contacts and relationships with luxury brands such as LVMH and got them on the horn to ask them to be part of this, a great reminder to us all that we have to give people the opportunity to do good works in the world, by taking our gifts and expanding them with the help of our contacts. “Every single company that I called wanted to participate.”

As a Memorial Day thank-you, the ladies enjoyed top-shelf Belvedere Vodka and Her energy drink fusions called “Beauty-tini’s” A-list style gift bags filled with ritzy products like Urban Decay, Tarte, Napoleon Perdis, Sheer Cover and Circle of Friends. The bases recreation center was turned into a first rate spa, complete with manicures, pedicures, and massages going on all over. There were thousands of dollars in donated door prizes. The gift bags were hot pink totes sponsored by Revitalash, and at one point, all you saw was women sorrounded by beauty in a sea of pink! It was wonderful!

29 year old Allyson Blackwell volunteers on the base as a WSG (Warrior Support Group), she helps transition injured soldiers and offers support to their spouses and children. Blackwell knows first hand the difficulties of being a woman in the military. She became a 26 year old widow when, 3 years ago, her husband Dustin Blackwell was killed in Iraq. Her youngest child was just 4 1/2 months old. “The event made us feel appreciated. Everything in the gift bag is sitting in my bathroom, we don’t have a lot of extra income for massages, hair and nail services. I really loved the makeup. It is great for morale.”

The staff of is already in the planning stages for the next event!

“It’s truly an honor to go on base and to spoil the women who let us continue our spoiled lives,”
says Meg. “We’re all pulling together to let the ladies of Fort Carson know how much we admire them and appreciate the sacrifices they make,” she continues. “….I’m not trying to suggest that a night of beauty is the adequate way to thank these women – it’s a start though.”

As we approach Memorial Day and enjoy our BBQ’s and family and friends let us not forget our larger American family, especially those who fight to keep us safe. We should visit memorials and honor those who have fallen, but keep in mind the soldiers and their families who are still with us and make a huge sacrifice daily-what can we do today and everyday to make their burden just a little bit lighter? When you have your answer to that–DO IT!

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day spent with friends and family!

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