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polidentNow don’t run off just because you saw the picture of a box of Polident! We are not going to discuss any type of denture wearing at this time. Nope. I, Jeanasina, do NOT have dentures and I hope I don’t ever have any! My mom had dentures. When ever I think about the fact that she had every single tooth in her mouth pulled out (on purpose) in order to get dentures…dude…I SO…don’t have that kind of courage! And that was back in the 40’s? Think primitive methods! Not a chance (not even for money) would I let anybody pull all my teeth! HAHAHA…well now that I have all of you in a festive mood, let’s attempt to discuss whatever possible purpose I had for telling you that story. That might come later. Right now, run your tongue across your teeth and say to yourself “These babies are REAL! – I have NO use for Polident!” Did you say it?

So…here’s the thing…did all you ladies watch the Oscar awards this Sunday? Well, what did just about every stunning woman on the red carpet have in common? “Nice teeth?” “Real Teeth?” no it’s not that! It’s that they all were wearing killer, EXPENSIVE, sparkling BLING! That’s right – I bet a lot of you are, even now, picturing in your head just which a-m-a-z-i-n-g piece of jewelry YOU saw on Sunday night that you’d love to be wearing or perhaps even OWN!

I don’t personally own much in the way of bling. But I do have diamond rings!  Stay with me here…so…one day I was at my jewelers and he cleaned my rings. I, of course, held my diamond-ring clad hand under the special ‘jewelry store lights’ and gushed about how much my rings sparkled! He grinned at me with his “I-know-every-thing-there-is-to-know-about-jewelery” smile and said “Let me tell you a little secret!”! I leaned in, my ears on alert to absorb whatever he was about to say to me! He informed me that I too, could make my diamond rings sparkle like miniature flashes of blinding light!

That is when he told me about Polident Denture Cleaner! That’s right – my zillion dollar high class jeweler told me to put my rings, in the privacy of my own home, into a glass dish with a tablet of Polident and then walk away! My mouth gaped open as I attempted to comprehend that he really meant this! He told me a story… One day he went to an estate sale and picked up a large cut glass expensive vase. It was covered in some kind of muck but he purchased it for a song and took a chance. He KNEW he had a secret ingredient to use on that vase! He filled up a huge bucket with water and put in the vase and then dropped maybe an entire box of the Polident Tablets into the bucket! He left it to sit over night and the next day – SPOTLESS SPARKLING CUT GLASS VASE -which he later sold for a profit!

Every time I allow my rings to hang out with a fizzing Polident tablet they look like NEW when I pick them up again! The sparkle factor excites my rings as much as Katy Perry’s “Firework” song excites my mood!

Oh the story about my mom’s teeth? Well…it was all true and back then I’m pretty sure she used Polident because I CLEARLY remember a friend coming over one day to play when I was little. My friend pointed at the kitchen counter-top and said “What’s THAT?” There sat my mother’s teeth, CLEARLY visible in a glass with little bubbles floating all around them. That memory is imprinted in my mind and hopefully you’ll have it in yours now too! Shared memories are good, right?

Who would have EVER looked on for a review on Polident? Oh! I better say this then…from the reviews I read on the internet; it really does do a mean job on dentures!

Have any of you ever thought of using Polident for purposes other than it’s intended use?  I’m guessing there won’t be a large show of hands right now.  OK, HOW ABOUT THIS? Do any of YOU have products YOU USE for something else entirely than what it was originally advertised to do? Keep those comments coming ladies…

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