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It’s Fab Friday! Where Desertdoll brings you dream items worth the splurge!

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t want to like this, no offense to the lovely Jennifer from Philip B. (or the handsome man himself-check him out!) But what was I going to do if I fell in love with a $75 conditioner? How in the world was I going to sneak this into our family monthly budget? Groceries-$400, Utilites-$300, Gas-$100, Conditioner-$75. I could literally see my husband’s head explode. And really, could it be THAT good? Well, let’s just say…I’m in big trouble.

White Truffle Nourishing Conditioning Crème is not only worth every penny, it is, hands down, the best conditioner I have ever used. As soon as I put some of this into my palm, and smelled the fresh herbal aroma, I started to get a little nervous. Uh-oh, that scent is really wonderful. That worried feeling was multiplied as I worked the creamy product through my hair. Oh my, how can this feel so rich? I knew it was all over when I finished my blow dry and stared at what was the prettiest tresses I had seen in my mirror for some time. Silky, shiny, body and bounce-was that really my head?!

Here’s what they say about this hair-altering conditioner: “An intensive reconditioning crème, this is the solution whether your hair is parched, dry, or color and chemically treated and in need of deep conditioning. Formulated with 23.3% pure, revitalizing botanical extracts of White Truffle, Lavender, Comfrey, Hops & Nettle, combined with strengthening amino acids and soothing Vitamin E.” The good thing is that you only need a tiny bit of this for big results. I’m well into 2 months and there is still lots left. And honestly, a worthwhile investment for an outcome like this.

But while I figure out if we REALLY need meat or hot water, I tried out a few other amazing Philip B. products that are a bit easier on the wallet…

The Chocolate Milk Body Wash is exactly as they describe it “A playful experience that revives the spirit of your inner child and lends a spiritual youth jolt!” This smells exactly like Chocolate Milk, exactly. So much so that there’s a warning label on the bottle that tells you not to drink it. As I poured some onto my washcloth and worked it into a lather, a luxurious, chocolately lather and the cocoa butter laced wash made my skin feel as good as it smelled, I realized that warning was well warranted.

We also got the Jet Set Precision Control Hair Spray which I promptly sent to Meg as she was fresh from her latest hair disaster and was sporting what she called “Howdy Dody Hair”. Not only did this give her the residue-free hold that she needed to work her hair into something less like a puppet, it has a red currant scent to it instead of the nasty smell to most hair sprays. They say: “A super light-weight hair spray for volume, texture, play and soft-touch hold with a scentual essence and radiant shine.” Meg concurs.

I’m happy to say that vegetables and cold water were actually not that hard to get used to. Besides, who cares? Have you SEEN my hair?

Ladies, let us know if Philip B’s products have you adding a new category to your budget!

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