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I love Perez Hilton. I love it. I love being able to click thru his snarky posts during the day and smile. If you are rich, famous and beautiful you have enough. If you can’t laugh at yourself once you’re Hollywood Royalty, Perez will get us to laugh at you. Not with you. At you.

Not only is he brilliant and entertaining he’s also a nice guy. Wait? He’s nice? What? Yup, under that blue/pink hair and behind those white pen weilding hands is a true stand-up gentleman! Perez has done a bunch to help Megs Makeup off the ground and he needs our votes! Don’t worry, I’m not asking you vote him into office or anything.

If you discuss celebrity gossip I know his site is your bible. If you check his site out (GUILTY) way too much during your work day then lets show him some love!!

Time magazine is coming up with the 100 most influential people. Perez deserves the cover! He really does. He put entertainment blogging on the map and he should get his hard earned recognition! Please follow the “VOTE HERE” link. Once you’re on the page, drag the arrow across the bar to give him a 100. Then hit Submit. It will take 2 seconds.

He’s a great person and I want to help him win! He’s an amazing guy! Now I have to go over to his site and see what Fug’s N Jug’s have been up to! I haven’t been at for atleast 5 minutes!!

Ladies, How Often Do You Get Your Perez Fix?


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