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Meg here! I don’t know if you’ve seen the latest video sweeping the internet but it is of Perez Hilton telling his readers about how he was attacked and punched in the face from Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas manager.

Watch Here

You know what? He’s an entertainer and he makes a living off of saying snarky things about celebrities? Would I hate to be made fun of on his blog? Of course. Then I would ask my personal tissue handler to hand me a tissue, I’d complain about it to my therapist. Then I’d go and complain to my assistant over grilled lobster at The Ivy. If I didn’t feel better about myself yet I’d book a 2 hour massage and bitch about it to my masseuse as my second assistant fetched me a glass of Cristal. Still not feeling better? Well, then I’d have my A-List friends and international model boyfriend meet me for caviar apps and then a table at Mr. Chows.

If I still felt like crap I might go dance the night away at a nightclub that will sponsor my table and send a limo for me. Before I cry away the tears that run through my face on my $2,500 Frette sheets in my $9 million home I will yell to the heavens “GOD! WHY! Why have you forsaken me!”

I will then grab for my designer night sleeping pills and hope that Perez’s comments will someday stop stinging.

You know what? I read Perezhilton all the time. Do I love him as a person? Not so much. Do I know him enough to make that statement? Not so much. Do I know him a little. Like, in real life, do I know him a little? The answer is Yes.

When Perez was not nearly as big as he is now we would email back and forth a bit. I mean, I was a fan of his since he was sued for writing PageSixSIXSIX. When I would have good gossip or a great sighting I would send it to him. As a new celebrity blogger that was new to LA he was very appreciative.

When I started I told Perez. He gave me a free add for more then a week on the side of his homepage. Right now if I sold everything I owned I still would not be able to afford an ad on his homepage and for that I am very grateful.

I ran into him for the first time, face to face at Christian Audigier’s birthday party. I introduced myself, said a “Thanks so much” and then moved along. He clearly was not that thrilled with my introduction. He was a huge name at this point and I am a no name. He made that feeling pretty clear as he moved over to say “Hi” to another guest in attendance…A MISS BRITTNEY SPEARS.

So no harm no foul. I get it. It’s LA and more then that when you make your living in Hollywood you better schmooze it baby! I am very appreciative for the favors he has done for Megsmakeup because nothing said he had to do anything at all. It was very sweet of him.

I think it’s pretty gross that I have gotten 3 separate emails “spoofing” his attack. How is hitting someone funny? WTF?

Can you imagine being feared that you were going to be hit for making some remarks people don’t people agree with? Are we in Iran?

Don’t want people talking about you? Here’s some advice…DON’T BECOME FAMOUS! A lot of people will swap with you your lifestyle and bank account for making fun of you and your picture.

What do you guys think? Do you read Perez? Is he a guilty pleasure? Why the heck not. Hate his site? O.K. A lot do. Hitting him for it?

If that becomes the precedence then I should look out! Some of you don’t like Smashbox’s new HALO POWDER. I hope Dean and Davis don’t jump me! Surprised

I’m never buying a Black Eyed Peas anything ever again. This is gross.

What do you ladies think?

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