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Meg here! I hope you’re all enjoying this summer! Summer always comes right before the “new” year-in my head at least. It maybe because I group fall with transition. Much more the the ball dropping at midnight, the cooler weather and (back when I was a kid) leaves starting to change colors signified a real change was approaching. It also was the sign of a re-birth-new school year, new teachers, new clothes. I guess some things stay with you because, inevitably the end of this summer will be bringing some fresh starts!

My roommie Lydia (who I completely love) has decided to give N.Y.C a try! She’s always lived in California and is still a baby and she needs to go for it now! I am very proud of her and will still continue to haunt her in The Big Apple! She is not getting away that easily.

I too, needed a fresh start. As much as I liked our little home, it had a lot of memories there that weren’t the greatest and I craved a new place. Looking for the perfect place in West Hollywood could have been a daunting task. Luckily with the invention of Facebook it was effortless!

I received this message in my inbox “Meg, my friend has an incredible place. So beautiful and all brand new-you will love it-go meet her.”

With that description, I of course headed to the new place. What was a new place? Just another change that I was looking forward to seeing. A little over 3 weeks ago I had to put my beloved Penny to sleep. As I drove to the potential new digs-it felt strange to not have to think if there were nearby dog parks for her to go to. I’m still not use to not having the little patter of Penny paws follow me around all day. It is pretty lonely when you work alone from home and a dog is your only company. I know I can’t replace Penny. Believe me, I’ve looked! She was a funny looking case of adorable and there aren’t that many Penny knock-offs running around!

I got to my new gorgeous building and I rang the bell to the apartments front door. I guess it woud have been nice if I acknowledged Cindy. How could I look at Cindy when TWO YOUNG PENNY LOOK ALIKES STARED BACK AT ME!! TWO!!

Cindy is lovely, the place is amazing but meet my two new buddies-Introducing Tyrone and Cobe! Kisses galore followed!

I don’t kow that much about signs and things but I definitely took these two as a sign I had found my new home! Cindy headed off to Comicon and I begged her to let me dog-sit for her. I am sitting in-between my two boys right now. Megken came by with me yesterday to see the place as I filled out the lease and he met Cindy and Tyrone and Cobe. Once we left he said “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so happy as you were playing with those dogs.” It has been a while and I think he was right.

I’m thinking change is good! Please meet my new friends Tyrone and Cobe!

What new changes are you looking at for end of summer? Love you!-Meg

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