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ouchBaby Love Here!  How much time do all of you moms take for yourselves in the morning before rushing your kiddies off?  I usually don’t even brush my hair or change my underwear.  I’m lucky if I can get William to school on time, without leaving his lunch box and backpack on the kitchen counter.  This past Wednesday morning was no different for me, other than I was only rushing to get the boys to the playground for a few hours before the rain started.  I fed them, clothed them, and left the house sans deodorant, brushing my teeth, and forgetting to put on a bra. 

I figured I’d probably end up getting covered in sand and dirt and it would be best to clean myself up when I got home and Calum went in for his nap.

I got to the playground at 9:30, and by 9:33 William had fallen face first on the slide, slit his chin open, and clearly was in need of stitches.  Back to the car we went-my injured child and sagging boobs.

Baby Love: Hi, Nicole can you watch Calum for a few hours? William fell and split his chin open…

Nicole: Oh no! Yeah, bring him over.  You should use the Neosporin in your OUCH POUCH to put on his chin until you get to the emergency room!

Baby Love: Good idea, I forgot I had it!

Now for all of my reviewers out there, please don’t be jealous that I had such a dramatic accident to give me an excuse to use my OUCH POUCH.  For the rest of you who have no idea what an OUCH POUCH is, let me break it down.  An OUCH POUCH is the following: an embroidered pouch FILLED with Neosporin, tweezers, Band-Aids, sanitizing wipes, lollipop, sunscreen, and Tylenol.  OUCH POUCH=great idea!Kiss

While cleaning up William’s chin, I used the Neosporin, the Band-Aid, and the sanitizing wipe to clean up the blood on his hands.  And when I was done, I gave my little patient the lollipop to have in the car ride on the way to Nicole’s.  That’s a lot of use out of a little pouch! A pouch that I conveniently put in my glove compartment the second I received it, since I’m the kind of mom that can’t remember to put a bra on, and since I knew it was only a matter of time until I would need it.

Could we all grab a zip lock bag, fill it with first aid goodies, and put it in our glove compartment?  Yeah, I would say we could, but I’d rather buy one of these convenient and smartly designed Ouch Pouches. They are decorated in the cutest designs and clear on one side (easy to find every item!) Save myself the trouble and the time.  Perhaps that extra time saved could be my chance for a shower. Surprised

These are a great little addition to a diaper bag or suitcase.  They’re compact, easy to find, and start at $4.95.  The pouch itself is worth the money!  Do yourself a favor, check out the site, and save yourself some of that time that we all don’t have enough of.

Who out there is good and responsible and what items are in your “emergency packs”?

Check it out here!

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