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Desertdoll is bringing you the last, but not least retail shop of our incredible day at South Coast Plaza…

It was bound to happen. Running a few minutes late at each location on our SCP tour equals quite a few minutes late at our last stop, Origins. We felt terrible about it, especially when we saw the scrumptious tray of Brie, organic chocolates, terra chips and lemon water they put out for us. But after a quick refueling (which we really needed) we were fresh and ready to learn and shop! Thanks to Sonya, the glowing manager for being so gracious and understanding.

I was excited to be at Origins, a line I’ve always liked. I appreciate that they have not only stand-alone stores, but locations within department stores so that even if you’re not near a luxury mall like SCP, you can experience the line. I especially appreciate the amazing holiday gifts they have every year. Packaging their best selling products in gorgeous baskets or totes and selling them at below retail value is smart. I don’t think a year has gone by in the last 5 that I haven’t picked up at least one present there. They’re always a welcome gift too. I think all Origins products are really a sensory treat. I dare you to open one of their body souffles or washes and not say “mmm”. With scents like ginger, cocoa, white tea and my favorite-something they call Paradise Found, with the aroma of fresh-cut Pineapple and Orange, how could you not?

I feel I’m moving in on Green Chi territory with this post, because Origins is definitely a company that thinks beyond themselves, but I’m honored to be highlighting one with such a conscious position. I can’t help but guess that it’s companies like Origins that have made it easier for more lines to follow suite. And learning more about the company has made me think about how the choices we make (even in something as simple as buying a lipstick) matter to this planet.

Everything they do stems from this simple yet powerful statement, “the well-being of our planet is vital to the well-being of the people who populate it”. So they do whatever they can to protect the earth and its re-sources, including its inhabitants. The list of things Origins does to make this world a better place is long and humbling. Read more about how they help the environment, and their many charitable causes. But from purchasing wind generated power to offset the electricity used in its North American stores to the plush stuffed animal that they create every holiday who’s sales have helped donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to recipients such as The World Wildlife Fund, Sera Wildlife Conservancy and the Gorilla Conservation Programs, one thing is clear-Origins cares about the world we live in.

2 more unique things to note for you nature lovers. Origins collaborated with Dr. Andrew Weil, a Harvard Dr. and expert in integrative health, to develop a line with a proactive approach to health, wellness and beauty using health-promoting plants and herbs and alternative healing techniques. Want to sleep better? Eat better? De-stress your skin? Boost your natural defenses against the changes of time? This is the line for you. And if you only (or try to) buy organic, Origins has recently released the first full line of prestige skin, body and hair care products to be certified under the USDA National Organic Program. Read more about each of these lines here.

We received an amazing array of samples from the store, plus a small coated canvas tote that is the perfect lunch bag (and I’ve been using every day since we got it). We got:

Youthtopia cream and eye cream– One of their newest products. Containing a flowering herb that grows in the remote polar mountains of Siberia. It’s called Rhodiola rosea, and is known as “Golden Root” Noted as dating back to Jason the Argonauts and the Vikings. Chinese emperors sent expeditions to Siberia to bring back the prized plant. It helps to “empower skin to rebound from damaging stress, retrieve its youthful buoyancy and reduce the look of lines and wrinkles.”

Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash– A wonder for combination skin, this clever cleanser contains ingredients to balance both dry and oily places on your face. Gentle and bubbles galore!

Modern Friction– Age-erasing exfoliation without irritation. More of a paste than a scrub, the main ingredient is Rice Starch cushioned in a lush cream. Applied dry, water is added at the end to produce a rich foam. A gentle yet effective way to glowing skin in one application!

Peace of Mind On-the-spot relief-This product is pure genius. Just a few dabs on the temples, earlobes and back of your neck literally melts tension away. The photo is of Blus Lee Lee getting a little well needed Peace of Mind after a long day of shopping! This is also comes in a variety of products, including a vapor bath and a massage oil.

So let’s hear it from the Origins fans out there. And good for you for doing something good for the earth through your beauty purchases!

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