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Meg here! I have been like a chicken with its head cut off running around. That saying or however it goes.

Anyhow we have some really cool new things coming up and I’m even getting some extra help. We’ll be having more stuff on the site and I hope you all enjoy it!

Also, don’t forget about our makeup point program. You earn 10 points just for signing up and putting a picture on your profile. You earn a point everytime you leave a comment and for each friend you refer that signs up you get another 10 points. The free makeup is mailed to you once you reach 50 points OR you can hang on to it all the way to 250 points for a makeup pack that’ll blow your socks off.

I know I ask this stuff periodically so I would like to know what type of ideas my brilliant ladies have. What would you like to see more of? Your ideas are always so good so I’d appreciate any input you’d be willing to give.

Thanks very much for being so awesome and supportive, I swear we are still working on the kinks, the new site has been up for 2 months now, what do you think about it?

My roommate  is very organized. Organized to a point I’ve never seen before. I was hoping it would rub off on me. It has! I has by a margin of 0.02%! At least its something.

I watched the Suzy Ormond special about women and their money and she said something along the lines “If you’re not organized and if your house isn’t organized then you will not be wealthy.” By this thinking roomie should be the richest women in the world.

When I heard Suzy say this I had a panic attack.

I literally need to give myself a pep talk to go through mail and papers. I think I’m going to be a “list” person. I am going to try to extend this “list” practice beyond nightclub doors. I feel like all of my really organized friends are always making “to do lists.” I am going to do this.
I just need to write it on a list.

My whiteboard is full for goals I need to make and the dates I need to make them happen by. When I look at the whiteboard I just want to erase it and draw a happy face.

Let me know your secrets, seriously, let me know. How do you ladies stay on task. Are you list people? What’s the hint for not getting too overwhelmed to where you want to rip up the list?

Also, totally off the subject but if you have been a “Make Up Points Participate” and turned your points in for your free fabulous products then will you chime on in? Just let us know what level you cashed your points in and if you were happy with your goodies.

If you let the other Megheads know how amazing the Make Up Points that reward loyalty are then maybe we can motivate some former “Lurkers” to speak up and let us meet them!

Yes! Please, can we do that? Then maybe they’ll chime in on their secrets “to get things done” and its a win win for everyone!

I am so excited to hear your words of productivity advice-I just can’t wait. I writing this great idea on a list ASAP! Kiss

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