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This one is for my fellow Anglophiles out there! I know I’ve touched on this before, but I am a fool for love regarding all things British. If, during the Revolutionary War days, I had heard Paul Revere ride though the streets shouting, “The British are coming” I’m afraid I would have would have tightened my corset, dabbed on some rouge and went outside to greet them! Who cares about taxes and freedom when there are cute English men in uniforms? All right, I’m just joking (please don’t send me angry emails) but I am very excited to share with you a new all-organic brand of beauty that’s just made the trip across the Atlantic and landed in US Stores – Organic Apoteke. Thanks to the wonderful Shanti for sending two types of Apoteke’s Face Cleansers and Moisturizers for our reviewers to test.

We’ve all heard about the British Invasion of 1960’s when The Beatles and The Rolling Stones came ashore and changed rock and roll forever. The Brits repeated the feat when The Sex Pistols, Generation X and The Clash brought punk rock to the masses. I was a teenager during the 1980’s when yet another invasion of Brits and their new-wave sound flooded the radio airwaves and MTV with synthesizers and cutting edge looks (and proved big hair and eyeliner wasn’t just for girls). Since then, I’ve found an affinity with British pop culture that always seems just a step ahead of everyone else. From fashion designers like Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen to trend setting models like Twiggy, Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn; from contemporary authors like Nick Hornby and Zadie Smith, to entrancing television like Absolutely Fabulous, The Young Ones and the original British version of The Office, the English have a way of completely captivating me.

I can add another British export to my list with the Organic Apoteke line of skin care products that just hit America in the Fall of 2007. Founded in 2004 by Dr Nitasha Buldeo, who is a Medical Doctor of Homeopathy and has a Masters Degree in chemistry, this all-organic company bridges the gap between luxury and ethical, causing Dr. Buldeo to coin the phrase “luxurethical”. According to Dr. Buldeo “A product’s purity does not guarantee its effectiveness. We set out to develop not only the purest products, but also ones that out-perform anything available today. After ten years of research, we are pleased to share our discoveries with you – a skin care range so pure, so simple to use and so effective, it seems miraculous, it’s really science and nature working together.”

Wow, that’s a pretty bold statement, but one Organic Apoteke seems prepared to back up. For starters, the company practices what it preaches when it comes to the purity of the ingredients in their products. Their adopted motto of “First do no harm” comes from the belief that beauty does not need to come at the expense of consumers, animals or the environment. All of the ingredients in each Apoteke product are certified organic, as well as being both vegetarian and kosher. In addition, the products are alcohol, colorant and paraben free. Organic Apoteke “strives to engage and support the most sustainable practices (ecological, agricultural and economic).” They take it all one step further by contributing 5% their profits to charitable causes. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! This year, Organic Apoteke selected the Earth Day Network (EDN), which promotes environmental citizenship and year round progressive action worldwide, and the Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund Network, which strives to change the way society treats children and youth, as their charities of choice.

Here at, we where lucky to receive Apoteke facial cleansers and moisturizers for two different skin types. The Rejuvenating Range, for normal to dry skin types, ”nourishes deeply, prevents trans-epidermal water loss, lightens age spots and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.” Our normal to dry skinned testers sampled the Buttermilk Cleanser which cleanses the face and removes make-up and impurities, while leaving skin soft and smooth. This face wash contains Organic Rose oil that “soothes the senses as it balances dryness and builds your skin’s capacity to retain moisture.” These lucky ladies followed that up with the Rejuvenating Face Cream which also contains Organic rose oil. This luxurious face cream is rich in anti-oxidants and “clinically shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while regenerating collagen and elastin for younger, healthier looking skin.”

Meanwhile, normal to oily skinned testers, like myself, received the Active Face Cleanse Gel, which bursts with lemony freshness as it deeply cleans the skin. This cleansing gel contains a “ unique herbal blend that actively cools and soothes (the skin), while Neem provides a gentle anti-bacterial action that helps clear blemishes.” The next step was a liberal application of the Active Face Hydrating Gel, that contains active botanicals to help “balance sebum production, and (which) have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial actions.” This wonder gel is light on the skin and seems to have a mattifying effect for me – a huge plus when dealing with a shiny face. Additionally, Apoteke claims this hydrating gel “evens complexion and heals blemishes. (While) clinical trials show a 68.2% reduction in the formation of new blemishes in just 8 weeks.” Now that’s revolutionary!

If you want to catch the latest wave of eco-friendly British beauty, you can find Organic Apoteke in the aisles of your local Whole Foods and they just made their debut at Henri Bendel in New York City.

All right ladies, let us know if Organic Apoteke has you ready to start a revolution! Please let our readers know which items you received and how they worked with your skin.

Organic Apoteke – Buy It Here!

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