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lindamasonMeg here! I am writing you from 35,000 feet up in the air! Thanks gogoinflight for letting me use the internet while flying to The Big Apple!

I think this week it should be renamed The Big Chill. Yes, I notified all of my lovely friends I was embarking to their fine city and the texts that I got back? “OMG, You’re going to DIE! Go buy lots of warm everything!!”

I am still in ridiculously high spirits because this was literally a trip that came together in less then an hour. First off, do you know Linda Mason? It’s OK if you don’t, I’ve added the interview that we did with her a couple of years back. She’s a makeup legend. Her resume is stellar. She’s “done” every A-lister, designed every fashion show’s makeup and has published books and videos and… You know what? If you want the bio then here is her link. All you have to do is scroll down and read. It’s very delicious!

Where was I? Oh right, so Linda knew I wanted to take her Intensive Class forever. She phoned me up on Thursday in L.A. that there was an opening FOR HER NEW YORK CLASS THAT STARTS ON SUNDAY !Surprised

I thought about it for 2 seconds and then said “I’m in!” Friday was a mad dash to grab Eleni, fill her in on what was going on and spend the rest of the day “buying warm.”

Linda Mason is an artist, both a makeup artist and a painter. The woman oozes creative. Here’s something I really want to learn, I really want to learn color! With Alice In Wonderland coming out and spring (sometime, Jeez, is it really 17 degrees NYC?) on its way-I want fantastic bursts of color on my lids! Sure, sure, I can master the “safe” smokey eye. I want to get away for a little bit from the smokey eye and the nude lip. I want to grab some purple and yellow and green and have Mardi Gras under my brow line! Is that really too much to ask? If you’re going to go for it you should really “Go big or go home!” I’m going to Linda Mason, I’m going big.

These classes are taking me to Manhattan and to my precious Mariana Nolan who is going to battle the cold with me! I’ve already warned her that I am going to have to practice and show you all what I’m learning. She has agreed to be my model and muse.

It was extremely spontaneous and VERY last minute but I promised myself as part of my New Year’s Resolution to embrace surprising opportunities at every turn. Even if that turn takes you to weather under 20 degrees with a wind chill factor!

What’s this picture about? Well, that’s me at one of my favorite old NYC stomping ground lunch places-The Yaffa Cafe. Eleni and I stopped there for a quick bite this past October after we visited with Linda Mason. I had “corporate meetings” so I couldn’t ask Linda to make my eye’s like Wonkaland (inside though, I wanted to.) I had to look fresh and natural! I was not looking either because Eleni and I were running around like banshee’s all day. My makeup had taken quite a beating. Linda grabbed her eye makeup brush and one of her lipsticks and in about one minute cleaned me all up! Seriously, it took her 3 items and 60 seconds and I looked 100%.

Now that’s what I’m going to learn. Just with color because safety zone? Yeah, you’ve just left the building!

Who else is excited for COLOR to be back? What do you need hints on? I’ll ask the master! Who’s in NYC and wants to meet on up? I’ll be keeping you in the loop on all things Makeup and the City!

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